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I could quite happily use the word books every single week, reading plays a big part in our lives in one form or another. This week there’s been time for some relaxed reading, the celebration of world book day and a bookshelf shuffle.

Daisy and I enjoyed a lovely overnight stay at Llyndir Hall at the weekend with plenty of time to relax and read. I bought myself a new book for the occasion and Daisy packed some of her favourites from home. It was so nice lying side by side on the bed with our noses stuck in a book. When exploring the hotel we came across the perfect reading lounge complete with fireplace, comfy velvet couches and a shelf full of old books and games.

Our next bookish adventure involved putting together some costumes for world book day on Thursday. Daisy wanted to dress up as Sophie from The BFG and Jake chose one of his favourite book characters’ Sid from the book Kevin. They were quite simple costumes to put together but I’m pleased with how they turned out.

On Thursday afternoon I went to Jake’s class for a parent workshop all about reading which fit in perfectly with world book day. The classroom was full of comfy bean bags so we could sit and share stories with our kids, it really was a lovely afternoon and I came away with some ideas of how to help Jake along with his reading.

In the spirit of a book themed week I decided to give our book shelves a much-needed tidy up and sort out. I have picked up some great bargains from the charity shops this year already so a reshuffle was needed to make room for them. The one thing I seldom declutter is books, I have plans to have shelves and bookcases in every room eventually. Being surrounded by them makes me very happy indeed.

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22 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Books

  1. I could read all day every day too Angela! I love the kids chosen characters, I knew exactly who Daisy was when I saw the jar of dreams. Great choice! 🙂

  2. You sound like a woman after my own heart. I adore books. I think tidying your book shelves is a good thing. Not only might you find an unread book but you can also make space for new ones! #wotw

  3. I have so many books too. I do really need to declutter, especially the kids baby books that they no longer have need for, I’m sure they would make some other youngsters very happy. Daisy and Jake look very happy with their costumes, it’s lovely to have such favourite characters.
    Thanks for linking up to #Wotw x

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely time away and found the perfect to read.
    The World book day costumes look fab!
    It is great that the school ran a workshop about reading. It does sound like a lovely afternoon. x

  5. I love your word. The hotel visit sounds like a bit of heaven. Daisy’s and Jakes’s outfits are fab. Missed doing ours this year. First year that no-one dressed up. Daisy’s jar is genius. I love a good prop. I’m guessing there is a string of fairy lights in there. I need to go through my bookcases again. Still trying to declutter and empty one bookcase. It is hard. #wotw

  6. Love the World Book Day costumes and so glad that you and Daisy had such a lovely stay at Llyndir Hall. Lying side by side and reading together sounds blissful! The parent workshop at Jake’s school sounds like it was useful and so lovely to be able to have that time to share stories together. #WotW

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