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I’ve spent that much time this week going back and forth I thought it only apt for school to be my word of the week. The countdown to the summer holidays is always a busy time and one that fills me with dread if I’m honest. There’s so much to remember, so many different dates and times that I need to be at school, I find myself double-checking my diary every morning.

Our school adopts an early transition scheme where the kids start in their new classes with new teachers two weeks before they finish for the summer holidays. I’m a fan of this as it means the kids are not worrying or fretting over the summer about returning to school. The transition is done gradually and involves them at every step, there’s no hard end or beginning which I think is much better for their little minds to process.

This has been their final week in their current classes so there have been lots of fun things going on. We started the week with a lovely celebration in Jake’s class, we were treated to delicious pastries and pancakes for breakfast followed by a video montage of all the things they have done this academic year. The kids were also presented with certificates, Jake got one for being a super scientist which I was not surprised about, he totally has mad scientist somewhere in his future. It was a lovely way to spend the morning but quite emotional too, he’s come s far in just one year and that’s thanks to the wonderful engaging teachers he’s had.

Later in the week, it was time to watch Daisy and her class play the keyboards. They have been learning to play all year and it was so nice to listen to them, there was also lots of singing and dancing. It certainly was an energetic show. They did a Greatest Showman medley which was fantastic, I was humming the tunes all afternoon.

The next trip to school was to find out all about Jake moving up to year one, it sounds crazy even typing that where on earth has the year gone at all? It feels like yesterday that he was just starting in the nursery class.

This afternoon the kids will find out who their new teachers will be, they were both very excited this morning. I must remember to take an extra bag with me at home time as they will no doubt be bringing a year’s worth of workbooks, arts, and crafts home with them.

Next week looks no different from this one, I have a meeting about Daisy’s new class and a rearranged sports day to go to. There’s probably something I’ve forgotten I best go check my diary again!

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8 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – School

  1. It sounds like your kids have a lovely school. My eldest are in secondary school so not much going on there apart from one concert a week ago. It’s an all through school, so my daughter transitioned from year 6 to year 7 last year at the same school which felt really weird. My son goes to a different school though and so far it’s just been a five minute meeting with his next teacher. Maybe we will have a letter with some activities to attend next week, but I doubt it. It feels pretty sad because I remember the days when the end of the school year was full of activities, plays, award cermonies etc.
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw x

  2. I love the idea of an early move up. Although what happens to the top class going on to secondary? The last few weeks of the summer term at primary were always full for us. Plays, assemblies, trips. Almost as if they were fitting everything in at the last moment. Secondary is more “pay your money and pick them up at a random time”. We do have one invite to school, but that’s next week. Hope both Daisy and Jake are happy with their new teachers. Not long now. #wotw

  3. Having a couple of transition weeks sounds like such a good idea. It sounds like your children are at a really good school and I love that they involve them at each step too. Well done to Jake on his super scientist certificate and to Daisy on playing the keyboards with her class. Hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂 #WotW

  4. I am missing the chaos of the end of the school year with moving house.
    The early transition scheme sounds like such a good idea. My girls always had just one or 2 days with their new teachers.
    The end of year assemblies are always emotional but lovely at the same time. It sounds like you had a fab time at them.
    I hope the kids have got the teachers that they wanted x

  5. My kids too ha e transition, I think it is a fab idea to help them deal with the change. I am with you on the dread, but learning to take things easy X #wotw

  6. Early move up and transitioning in that way sounds like a great idea – at Alexander’s school it’s just a meet the teacher thing (for the kids) and that’s all. It is lovely that your kid’s school has the parents involved so much, but I can imagine it being a lot to keep on top of (especially with two children!).

    Wishing you & your family a wonderful new week ahead.

  7. Its such an exciting time for them isn’t it? I so miss all that now the boys are getting older. Its all about trips to Blackpool pleasure beach, I miss all the cute concerts. I hope they got teachers they were happy with? I remember the anticipation xxx

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