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After years of avoiding it, chickenpox has finally caught up with Daisy. Spots therefore seems like a fitting word for this week. The most annoying thing about chickenpox is that it’s impossible to decide if that’s exactly what it is until the spots start appearing at a rate of knots.

Daisy came from school on Wednesday night sporting a few little red spots, she told me her teacher had looked at them and said they were not chickenpox. I must admit, after a quick google image search I didn’t think that was the diagnosis either.

On Thursday morning I checked to see if any more spots had appeared but I couldn’t really tell so asked Daisy to get dressed for school. We were actually on the way to school when  I noticed Daisy’s neck was covered in spots. Daisy was adamant she was going to school so I had to explain why people with chickenpox have to stay home.

Jake’s lovely teachers had a look at the spots and confirmed they looked like chickenpox, I trust their judgement after all can you imagine how many cases they have seen over the years. Daisy was quite well in herself so I didn’t think it was necessary to take her to the doctors, instead we headed home and I ran her a nice warm bath.

More chickenpox appeared throughout the course of the day, this time with their unmistakable blister like appearance. Thankfully they are not itching her too much, she’s more irritated that she’s had to start half term a couple of days early. I think she enjoyed having me all to herself though, that and being allowed to play on her kindle and watch lots of her favourite shows.

I’ve got a feeling that spots will dominate next week too as it’s probably likely that Jake will succumb at some point. It’s lucky that I’ve planned lots of things we can do indoors during the school holiday and there’s always the garden for some fresh air.

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14 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Spots

  1. Chicken pox are such a pain, so uncomfortable and so contagious they affect everything. I hope Daisy doesn’t suffer too much. It’s much better to get younger than later though. My first dose of Chicken Pox was at 18 and I was really ill. Then a few years ago my kids all had it, they went down one by one…but it wasn’t until my adult son caught it that I realised he’d not had it before. He was really ill..yes, it’s definitely much better to go through it as a child. xx
    Thanks for linking to #Wotw x

  2. Poor Daisy, although I’m smiling at her being more upset about missing school. They are a pain. My eldest decided to succumb the day or two before her sister arrived. She was more miffed about not being allowed in the hospital. Good planning for indoor activities, plus the weather is looking good, so throwing open the doors to the garden is a good option. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

  3. Oh no poor Daisy, both the boys had it quite bad its awful. Have you tried bathing her in bicarbonate of soda, sounds odd but it really works (check she’s not allergic first obs) but it really soothes and dries out the spots. Ah bless her still wanting to go to school that is so sweet x

  4. I was very lucky with my two in that they were both really young when they got chickenpox and in nappies, as it upset both of their tummies (eek and yuck) and they weren’t really aware of what was going on to get upset etc too much. I know some people really suffer though, I really hope she gets over them quickly without feeling too uncomfortable bless her!

    Stevie x

  5. Hope Daisy is on the mend now, it can be so uncomfortable for them. I hope she didn’t get too sickly.
    I got called to primary school when my boy was little, his teacher said ‘Harry told me to phone you, he thinks Joe has chicken pox, I think he’s right.
    Haha, apparently Joe said his back was itchy & his friend Harry looked & said Miss joe’s got chicken pox phone his Mum. Kids are so funny.

  6. Oh poor Daisy and isn’t it always the way they get poorly over the half term break. Hope you are not going too stir crazy. Katie got them the day after her first birthday and was covered in them, though Morgan only got away with about 4 spots. I often wonder if he will get them again with getting such a low dose. Big hugs to you both xx

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