Word Of The Week – Car

This week we have had some problems with our car so I thought it would be the perfect word. Our car is called Valerie and she’s a bit of an old girl. We bought her second-hand earlier this year with the profits from matched betting after being car free for almost 18 months.

On Sunday night Chris popped out to drop some parcels off for me and that’s where the problems began. It was quite frosty and cold that evening and as he opened the driver side window it got stuck. I’m not entirely sure of what happened next as it all sounded a bit technical but to cut a long story short the window ended up falling right inside of the door.

Poor Chris came home so frustrated, it was pitch black and freezing cold but he knew he couldn’t it like that overnight.

He spent ages outside with only the light of our living room lamp and managed to remove the door panel to get the window out but there was no way he would be able to fix it in the dark. Reluctantly he boarded the window up for the night, after removing the car seats and bringing them inside of course.

On Monday after a driving all day for work and getting stuck in traffic he came home, wolfed his tea down and got on with trying to fix the window.

He at least had a flood light type thing this time. He spent hours outside and some colourful language could be heard but he finally got the window back in. It will need looking at properly soon and we daren’t roll it down.

To add insult to injury when we tried to go shopping the following night the battery was totally flat. Chris had to knock on about 10 different neighbours doors to borrow some jump leads. He managed to get the car going but he sat outside with the engine running while I rushed round Aldi for the shopping just to be safe.

Today Valerie started up no problem so maybe it was just her turn to have an off week, who knows.

I do love having a car again but there is always that niggling little worry at the back of my mind especially this time of year. I think I will give her a good clean this weekend. Make her feel loved then hopefully she will continue to be kind to us.



  1. December 2nd 2016 / 9:46 AM

    Sounds like a very frustrating week. I like your idea to clean her and give her some love so that she’ll stop playing up! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. December 2nd 2016 / 11:00 AM

    Oh I hate car problems, I do hope Valerie behaves for you this week. I do name my cars, I’ve had Penny, Vickie, Pheobe, Madge…to name a few.

  3. December 2nd 2016 / 3:26 PM

    In all my life, I’ve never named a car . . . but now I wish that I would have! We have named our GPS though. She’s called “Alice” as in “Go Ask Alice.” #wotw

  4. mummy here and here
    December 2nd 2016 / 7:39 PM

    oh that sounds so frustrating, especially in this weather, I hope the car is sorted X #wotw

  5. December 2nd 2016 / 9:55 PM

    hehehe! If I had a car I would have a name for it….
    How frustrating….I hope this is the end of your car problems x

  6. December 5th 2016 / 1:15 PM

    Sorry to hear that Valerie has been troublesome this week – glad you got the window fixed though, and hope that she runs smoothly for you from now on. Our current car doesn’t have a name but we’ve had a few that have been named in the past! 🙂

  7. December 8th 2016 / 10:05 AM

    I love that you’ve named her. Yes, maybe with a bit of love and TLC she may decide to less troublesome,although it sounds like she may need a little more than that! What a frustrating week – it is so irksome when you rely one something and it isn’t reliable.

    PS; sorry the comment is so late, it’s been one of those weeks!

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