Word of the Week – Fun

We have all had a little fun this week of one variety or another. Monday evening saw us visiting Winter Wonderland in Manchester, I won tickets after entering every competition I could find. We went two years ago and had a wonderful time so I wanted to repeat the experience.

After tea we bundled the children in to the car and told them we were just nipping out. We wanted it to be a surprise and Daisy didn’t guess until we pulled in to the car park at Event City. We saw a lady taking two reindeer for a walk, not something you see every day. After collecting our tickets we enjoyed some live music before entering the exciting wonderland.

There were so many rides for the children to go on, they were spoilt for choice. We already knew that Daisy loves fairground rides but Jake had never been before. We needn’t have worried as he took to them like a duck to water and didn’t want to get off. 

Daisy and Jake spotted the Pip Ahoy! salty cove beach and spent some time building sandcastles. Jake even had his photo taken with Pip. After three hours of fun we were exhausted and headed home, way past our bedtime but very happy.The fun continued for Daisy with her class Christmas party and Christmas dinner. She came home with a book bag full of cards and crafts and a present from the class Santa.

Chris will also be having fun as he’s watching the new Star Wars movie as I type. I surprised him with tickets as I know he would never book them himself.

Jake and I have had our usual fun at home so it’s been a good week all round.The Reading Residence


  1. December 16th 2016 / 10:53 AM

    What a fun week, Winter Wonderland looks fabulous. I love your photos. I hope your hubby enjoyed Star Wars, I can’t wait to see it.

  2. December 16th 2016 / 12:40 PM

    Great word! Looks like you all had an amazing time, such a lovely surprise for the kids. Ah yes, my husband’s planning to take the kids to see Star Wars next week, it does look good x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. December 16th 2016 / 7:46 PM

    Ahh! How fantastic! It looks like you have had a brilliant week!
    What a great surprise for your little ones x

  4. mummy here and here
    December 16th 2016 / 8:57 PM

    awww, looks like a special day, it looked like you had lots of fun X #wotw

  5. December 16th 2016 / 9:51 PM

    Great word! It looks and sounds like you’ve had so much fun! Definitely worthy of a late bedtime! #wotw

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