In The Book Personalised Storybook {Review}

Disclosure: This post is a review in collaboration with In The Book. We received complimentary books for the purpose of this review, please see our disclosure policy for more information.

In The Book create personalised children’s story books where your child has a direct role in the story. Their name will appear on the front cover, and woven throughout the story or hidden in the illustrations. There are over 100 books to choose from including Disney titles, character favourites, fairy tales and even learning books. In The Book sent Daisy and Jake a book each to review so we could share our thoughts with you.

Choosing a book for each of them was no easy task, I was spoilt for choice. There are so many titles that I knew the kids  would absolutely love. I chose the Unicorn Adventure book for Daisy as she’s all about the unicorns at the moment, I chose Spider-Man Beginnings for super-hero mad Jake.

Along with their names I added a personalised message for them too which appears inside the book. I think this is a lovely touch that makes the books even more special for your child.

When the books arrived the kids were very excited, they spotted their names straight away. We were sent the softback editions of the books but you can also order in hardback too. The softback editions we chose are priced at £12.99 each, postage is charged additionally.

Looking through the books I noticed that the pages were good quality, nice and thick and the illustrations were colourful and vibrant.

Daisy was delighted to discover that she was the unicorn in her story, she also loved spotting her name amongst the illustrations in the book. In her unicorn adventure she is searching for a place to play, she discovers lots of places along the way but none are quite right for her. The story is told through rhyme and has a lovely happy ending. I especially liked the use of different fonts and the gorgeous illustrations. Daisy loved the whole book and has re-read it several times since, she especially likes that she is the unicorn in the story and that there is a map of her adventures at the end of the book.

Jake was just as happy with his book, instead of being the star of the book, because that’s Spider-Man of course, he is included throughout the story. This story follows Peter Parker and the events that lead to him becoming Spider-Man, it includes villains like Green Goblin, Rhino, Doctor Octopus and lots more. Jake’s story was full of action and reminded me of a comic book. Jake especially liked that he was helping Spider-Man fight and defeat the bad guys and villains. He really was part of the action.

What We Loved About In The Books Personalised Story Books 

  • That I could add a personalised message to be included in the book
  • The colourful illustrations
  • Spotting the kids names in within the story and illustrations
  • The quality and thickness of the pages
  • How many books there are to choose from

We really enjoyed reviewing these personalised story books, I think they would make great gifts and keepsakes.




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