Poopsie Surprise Unicorn {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Poopsie Surprise Unicoen free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links please see our disclosure policy for more information.

A few weeks ago we had great fun reviewing Poopsie Slime Surprise so when a Poopsie Surprise Unicorn arrived the kids were more than a little excited.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn comes with an adorable unicorn doll that poops slime when you feed her magical unicorn food. There are 4 unicorns to collect and each set comes with over 20 surprises.

girl with Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

Daisy couldn’t wait to see which surprise unicorn was hiding inside her box. Before finding out it was time to unwrap the first lots of surprises that are attached to the outer packaging. This is a really exciting part for the kids, they love the anticipation of opening the packages and finding little surprises inside.

excited kids opening surprise toys

Daisy couldn’t be happier to find Oopsie Starlight inside, she has beautiful shimmery pearl pink skin and the most adorable pastel coloured rainbow hair. She features fun colourful tattoos on her arms and a glittery gold unicorn horn on her head.

She comes with a potty, golden unicorn feeding spoon, cleaning tool and measuring cup.

Oopsie Starlight unicorn doll

girl holding poopsie unicorn

Poopsie unicorn and accessories

Daisy thought the unicorn’s hair was amazing and said she would love her hair to be those colours. She spent some time admiring her unicorn doll before it was time to make some poopsie slime.

Pastel unicorn rainbow hair

Inside the surprise packets we found:

  • 4 Unicorn Food Packets
  • 4 Unicorn Shimmer Packets
  • 2 Unicorn Shimmer Packets
  • 1 Ultra-Rare Unicorn Sparkle Packet
  • 1 Exclusive Feeding Bottle
  • 1 Unicorn Shirt
  • 1 Unicorn Nappy
  • 1 Exclusive Poop Character Keychain 
  • 1 Hairbrush

unicorn poopsie slime doll


accessories from poopsie surprise unicorn

Now on to the fun slime making part! There’s a switch on the back of the unicorn’s body that you will need move to the feeding set. Once you have done that you can feed your unicorn with 1 packet of Unicorn shimmer using the gold spoon. Once she has eaten all of that up you add 5 ml of tap water to the bowl and spoon feed that to your unicorn too.

feeding unicorn magic powder poopsie

Next, you will need to pour one packet of unicorn food into the feeding bottle, then fill the measuring cup to the top fill line 25ml with tap water. Add the water to the feeding bottle, screw the lid back on tightly then shake the mixture making sure to cover the top of the straw with your thumb to avoid spills. You will need to shake the bottle up and down for around 1 minute.

girl feeding poopsie unicorn with feeding bottle

Once you have done that, insert the straw into your unicorns mouth squeezing the bottle until it’s empty. For the next part, you will need to go back the switch on the back of the unicorn’s body and change it to the rocking position setting.

Rock your unicorn back, forth and upside down, like a cart-wheel for 15 seconds. This part is lots of fun, the kids really enjoyed doing this. Once you have done this removes the unicorns nappy and sit her on her potty. We did find it a little tricky to position her on to the potty so you might need to hold on to the back of her. You then press in her heart-shaped belly button and watch as she magically poops slime.

unicorn on potty press belly button

slime in a potty

You will need to let the slime sit in the potty for 15-20 minutes to set properly. While you are waiting for your slime you can clean out your unicorn for when you use it next time. There’s a handy little cleaning tool that you can use in the unicorns mouse to remove any leftover debris. The compartment where the slime is created also lifts out for easy cleaning too.

cleaning tool for mouth of unicorn poopsie

removeable part for cleaning on unicorn poopsie surprise

Once the slime was set Daisy added some shimmer and sparkle to it. She had fun squishing it for a while before storing it away inside her rainbow poop keychain. Daisy thought the unicorn was lots of fun to play with and she was really happy that there are extra packets of magic so she could make some more slime.

girl with slime and keychain

What We Loved About Poopsie Surprise Unicorn 

  • The unicorns gorgeous pastel rainbow-colored hair and super cool tattoos
  • How easy the slime is to make
  • The number of surprises included
  • How easy the unicorn and accessories are to clean

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is available to buy from SmythsThe EntertainerArgos and all other good toy retailers with an RRP of £49.99.


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