Shake Off Game {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Shake Off game free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links to see our disclosure policy for more information.

The aim of the Shake Off game is simple, the more the shake the more you score! Shake Off is a fun and frantic fitness game from Ideal that will get the whole family moving. The spinner decides where you and your opponent will wear your shake-o-meters, and how you must shake them.

John Adams recently sent us this super fun game to review so we could Shake Off and get moving. The kids had so much fun with Shake Off so much, in fact, they forgot they were competing against each other.

Shake Off Game Review

Inside the Shake Off box, you will find everything you need to play including a spinner, 2 shake-o-meters(batteries included), 2 sweatbands, an electronic timer (batteries not included you will need 2 AAA) and instructions.

How To Play Shake Off

Each player must spin the spinner to determine where the player must wear their shake-o-meter, this could be either on their wrist, their ankle, their front waistband or their back waistband. The spinner also determines how you must shake too, this could be by jumping, running or freestyle.

When you have your shake-o-meters in place it’s time to press the timer, you can choose how long each round will last you start off at 15 seconds and then move onto 30 seconds when you are ready. The timer counts down from 3 and when the claxon sounds it’s time to get moving.

On their first go Daisy and Jake had to wear the shake-o-meters on their wrists and freestyle for 15 seconds. They really got into the spirit of the game throwing all sorts of shapes around to try and get the most points. If the spinner lands on the Target Play symbol then the player will the closest number on the spinner is the winner.

The shake-o-meters have an LCD display that reveals the scores, there’s also a handy score slider so you can keep track of how many rounds you have won. The first person or team to reach 5 on their sliding score wins the game.

The kids had so much fun playing Shake Off, the game is not only lots of fun but is also great for getting some exercise in too!


  • How much fun the game is to play
  • That you can track the number of rounds you win on the score slider
  • How easy the game rules are to understand
  • That the game is great exercise as well as competitive


Shake Off is suitable for ages 4+ and is available to buy from:







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