#SNAPSTAR Dolls {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the #SNAPSTAR Dolls free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links please see our disclosure policy for more information.

The #SNAPSTAR dolls squad from Yulu is a group of social media influencers who are ready to share their love of fashion, food, style, music, and travelling with the world. Each doll has its own unique personality and sense of style, there are six dolls to collect in total. With the help of the Snapstar app and green screen you can snap, style and share your creations too.

We were sent a gorgeous pink package containing two of the Snapstar dolls Echo and Lola and two fashion packs containing cool outfits and accessories. Daisy was really excited to open the package, the dolls she got matched her personality perfectly. Lola is 99% unicorn, she’s a ball of positive energy and believes kindness is key and Echo has an easy-breezy outlook.

#SNAPSTAR Dolls Review

The dolls were really easy to remove from the packaging and I love that minimal plastic has been used to secure them in their boxes. Each doll comes with an outfit and accessories, a posing stand, a green screen and a free download of the #SNAPSTAR Studio app.

The dolls themselves are really good quality with fully poseable limbs which makes posing and play so much easier. Daisy absolutely loved their vibrant and hair and cute little accessories. She could wait to download the app and start styling her new dolls.

Once we had downloaded the app we attached the Snapstar doll onto the stand, there’s a little hole on the back of the doll where the top of the stand fits in. The dolls’ hair is removable and the doll itself can be posed in any position you like once on the stand. The green screen is easy to construct and is easy to fold back down again after play.

Daisy had so much fun using the app to style her dolls, she could change their hair, the makeup and choose from a selection of scenes to place the doll in. Once she was happy with her design she took a snap and saved it to her gallery. She loved being able to fully customise her dolls, she also loved using the fashion packs to change outfits and accessories too.

What We Loved About #SNAPSTAR Dolls 

  • The quality of the dolls and their colourful hair and outfits
  • That the dolls are fully poseable
  • Being able to customise the dolls using the #SNAPSTAR Studio app
  • The fashion packs and range of outfits and accessories

Where You Can Buy #SNAPSTAR Dolls

The #Snapstar Dolls and other accessories in the range are available to buy at:





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