#StrongerTogether With Itty Bittys & Justice League {Review}

We love a good superhero here at the Websters. Not a day goes by without the kids whizzing around pretending they have super powers and defeating the baddies. We are also huge fans of Itty Bittys so when they challenged us to be #strongertogether and create a superhero logo for our family we were happy to accept.

To celebrate the launch of the new Justice League film, Hallmark have launched their very own superhero gang of itty bittys. They very kindly sent us the entire collection of Justice League heroes along with lots of goodies for us to design and make our own family superhero logo.

Daisy and Jake couldn’t wait to get started but not before putting the hero’s into action first.

We had so much fun sitting down together to come up with a logo and ideas of what our superhero name should be. Daisy suggested ‘The wonder Websters’ and Jake said ‘The Batman’. We settled on ‘The Websterland Warriors’ in honour of the blogs name.

Designing the logo gave us a great chance to talk about why as a family we are stronger together. We all agreed that when we work together we get things done faster. Daisy said that she likes doing puzzles all together because it makes them easier to do. Daddy and I both agree that our family is stronger together because everyone feels supported and each member of our family has their strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other.

After chatting and designing our logo it was time for Daisy and Jake to get creative and personalise their superhero capes.

After lots of gluing and sticking it was time to transform. The kids were more than really to battle villains and save the world.

As you can tell we had so much fun taking part in this challenge.

Itty Bittys makes the perfect gift or stocking fillers. Hallmark also have a fantastic range of Superhero greetings cards available to celebrate the real life heroes in your life. They are available at all good Hallmark stockists.

Disclosure: We were sent the Justice League Itty Bittys free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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