Wally The Washer {Review}

This month we have been working with Drumond Park to review some of their fantastic games for kids. Next up it’s Wally The Washer which has definitely been added to my top five favourite family games, it’s brilliant!

Wally The Washer is not just your average washing machine, fill him up with laundry, watch him spin then try to grab your clothes as they come tumbling out. Watch out though, if the smelly sock tumbles out during your turn you have to wear the peg on your nose until the sock comes out again.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to finishing hanging all their washing on their washing line. If two players’ final pieces come out in the same turn the fastest person to hang their last piece up is the winner.

The game does require 3 x AA batteries which are not included, inside the box you will find

1 x Wally The Washer washing machine

1 x Giant peg

1 x Dirty sock

1 x Sticker sheet

5 Clothes pieces each in red, yellow, green and blue

4 x Washing line and poles in red, yellow, green and blue

Assembling the game was quick and easy and we were soon set up and ready to play.

Daisy filled up the washing machine with hers’ and Jake’s clothes, they were both really excited to see how Wally would spin. Jake went first, closing the door to make Wally spin and then pressing down on the soap box to open the door.

There was lots of excitement and giggling when the door flew open and the clothes came tumbling. The kids quickly retrieved their pieces and hung them on their washing lines. I love how simple this game is for the kids to play, this means they can play alone or with us adults.

When the smelly sock eventually flew out the washing machine the kids were delighted, I think this feature adds an extra element of fun to the game. Jake was the first to wear the peg closely followed by Daisy.

The victor of our first round was Jake, as you can see he was over the moon to be crowned champion. Wally The Washer is lots of fun for the whole family to play, we absolutely loved it.

What We Loved About Wally The Washer

  • That the game is really simple to assemble and play
  • The cute washing machine
  • That we had to wear a peg on our noses
  • The way the pieces spill out of the washing machine
  • That the washing machine sounds like a real one

Wally The Washer is suitable for ages 4+ and is available to buy from Amazon, The Entertainer, Argos and other good toy retailers.

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Terms & Conditions

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Disclosure: We were sent Wally The Washer free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.

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110 thoughts on “Wally The Washer {Review}

  1. The bathroom! Saying that though, I’m a cleaner for my job and other people’s toilets are worse than mine so I guess it’s a pleasure!

  2. Probably the kitchen as the floor always gets covered with muddy paw prints, however carefully I dry the dog’s paws before I let her in!

  3. Would have to be the kitchen! The work surfaces aren’t too and but its having to pull all the appliance soft to clean behind that them can one a pain

  4. my livingroom I absolutely hate it it’s like everyone in the house sees a surface and immediately thinks oh that needs covering and decide leave their junk everywhere!

  5. Kitchen – hate cleaning the oven & fridge, freezer needs defrosting – another job I’m putting off, hate how full and messy my kitchen table is from the kids. Bought a UV torch to check for puppy Lee and even things that look clean like the cupboards are not

  6. it has gotta be the bathroom. i hate cleaning the toilet and my daughters have a habit of leaving empty toilet roll tubes everywhere

  7. The kitchen as it is quite big and takes a while, especially when I have to clean all the cupboards on top, inside and the fronts

  8. The kitchen is a nightmare and we are currently having building work done and the kitchen seems to be taking the brunt of the dirt.

  9. The kitchen ! I love it when it clean and tidy but it gets messed up so quick ! Washing up seems to multiply on its own .. the crumbs on the floor drive me bonkers ! The bin is a disgusting job and there washing basket is always in the corner of the room staring at me with a certain disappointed look …

  10. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom, loads of tiles to keep clean, then there’s the bath bending over and cleaning it is a right pain, the basin and toilet where everyone else uses but never rinses the basin or thinks to put a bit of bleach down when they know it’s right by the loo in the cupboard and I think I’m the only one to put the loo roll on the holder, the others leave tho old roll on and the new one on top and as for changing the towels well don’t get me going on this one , I do live in a male dominated household so I shouldn’t be suprised really bless them

  11. I must admit it’s the kitchen and the tile floor. Having a large dog doesn’t help this weather when he’s in and out of the garden quite a lot (shouldn’t complain but the floor does get messy) and the oven is my bugbear. Also absolutely hate trying to hang sheets out on the line (the washing machine is in the kitchen so that adds to it lol).

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