New Frugality Habits You Can Easily Implement During Lockdown

For many families, social isolating is proving to be challenging. This is understandable the changes we are having to make are huge. But it also provides us with the opportunity to pause and think a little more about how we are living and what our priorities are.

A lot of families are taking the opportunity to do this. Including re-evaluating what they do with their hard-earned cash. Many are doing so because they have less money coming in. Others because the current crisis has highlighted to them the need to build up some emergency funds. If you want to do the same, the tips below will help you to be able to do so.

New Frugality Habits

Be Prepared To Try Something A Little Different

Most of us buy and use the same things every week or month. We don’t always worry about the cost of doing so. This is a shame because, in all likelihood, you are spending more than you need and possibly missing out on some nice things. For example, things such as menthol e-liquid which is typically cheaper than other more exotic flavours of vape juice. But frequently it is a lot less expensive to buy.

So, the next time you go online to buy something or shop for groceries, try some of the cheaper brands or products. You will be surprised by how often you discover that you actually like them more than what you normally buy.

Take The Opportunity To Overhaul Your Finances

If you have not done so for a while, sit down and review your finances. The best way to do this is to use one or two of the budgeting apps that are suggested here. Setting up and using an app forces you to pull all of your paperwork together and ensure that everything is recorded. Once you have done that all you need to do is to spend a few minutes each day updating everything. After a few months, you will be able to review your spending to see where your cash is going. Often, at this point, you will spot things that you can cut back on or dispense with altogether.

Learn To Enjoy The Simpler Things More

Over the past couple of decades, most of us have inadvertently developed expensive tastes. Years of being bombarded with adverts for luxury goods and holidays has led many of us to forget how to enjoy the simpler things in life. Being in lockdown is not great, but it does give you time to sit down and reflect on what is really important. To once again enjoy the simple pleasure of the simpler things. For example, spending time with our families.

Try Growing Your Own Food

If you are not already doing so, give growing some of your own food a go. You can easily order the seeds you need online. Don’t worry too much about buying expensive pots and tools. You really don’t need that kind of thing, at least not in the early days. Cut down plastic bottles make good pots and egg cartons are perfectly fine for sowing a few seeds in. This practical article explains how to start a vegetable garden without spending much money.



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