Christmas Decorations At The Webster’s

Hi Folks

I thought I would give you all a little peek of some of my fave Christmas related decorations, I really wanted to include a decent photo of my tree but for some reason they all come out rubbish when I try.

Chris & I have been together for four Christmasses now and although I did bring some of my Christmas stuff from my previous life we are still rebuilding our stock so to speak.

My Dad gave me the large globe and the little Gingerbread one was a bargain for 99p from Card Factory.

This is my Christmas Cuddly collection, I used to get one each year but haven’t seen anything I like in the last year or so, hoping to add to it soon.

This was a gift with chocolates in last year but I thought it made a lovely addition to my decorations.

I’m slowly rebuilding my Christmas movie collection, we are planning to make it a tradition to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve, I bought my ultimate fave movie of the season ‘A Christmas Story’ give it a watch it won’t dissapoint.

Each year we buy one special tree decoration from a local garden centre called Bents , they have award winning Christmas displays, it really is magical in there although it gets super busy around this time of year, sadly the decoration I chose this year broke at the checkout & I did’nt want to go back inside for another one as it was manic, we may go back and choose another.

This photo does not do my tree justice at all, it’s pre-lit and was originally from Marks & Spencer, the baubles are Purple & Teal and we add our special decorations on.

This is a selection of the Christmas & Winter books we have for Daisy, when my teenagers were little I used to read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ at bedtime on Christmas Eve this is a tradition I have carried on with Daisy, the book has stood the test of time well.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into Christmas at the Webster’s, I’m going to keep practicing with my camera so I can get some better photo’s next year.

Angela x



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