Moments That Mattered 2013

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I noticed recently that the lovely Kerry over at Oh So Amelia has teamed up with Lloyds Bank to offer one lucky blogger the chance to win an iPad Mini, as well as a chance to win I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to look back & remember all those moments that mattered to me in 2013.

Here are my top moments that mattered for 2013, hope you enjoy reading.

February saw my first  moment that mattered of 2013, after feeling extremely down for over 12 months I woke up one morning in February & decided I needed to get some help, this was a huge deal for me as I have never been good at asking for help or admitting anything was wrong. I took the first step in getting help, I found a new confidence that I had never had before & finally realised that my past, how I look & my weight had little to do with real happiness. I really turned a corner & although I’m still a work in progress I feel like a completely different person to the one I was a year ago.

Summer 2013 saw us making lots of memories with fun in the garden, walks to the park & woods & doing lots of fun activities.



August’s moment came in the form of a nice surprise, we found out that we were expecting again, it happened quite quickly for us so took us a little unexpectedly.

September saw us take our first holiday as a family, we went to Cornwall, we had a lovely journey down & had some very memorable days on the beach.

November saw my husband & I visit London for the first time ever, we enjoyed a night in a 5 star hotel & it was lovely spending some much needed quality time together.

Of course there were lots more moments that mattered, far too many to blog about but it’s been great looking back, every single one of those moments has enriched my life.

I’m looking forward to seeing what moments 2014 brings.

Angela x


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