Pregnancy Diary – 22 Weeks

Hi Folks

Welcome back to my 22 weeks pregnancy update, I have a couple of new things to share with you.

How Far Along Am I

Today I am 22 weeks exactly, I finally had my anomaly scan which showed that the baby is perfectly healthy & also that’s he’s a little boy ! I had a feeling all along it was a boy as the symptoms of this pregnancy were very similar to when I was carrying my first son many moons ago.

My Baby’s Development

My baby is about 27cm from head to toe, he is starting to grow eyebrows & eyelashes. He can hear my voice & may respond with kicks when he does.


He is still very active at night time but I am feeling him a lot more during the day now too, I can even see my tummy moving when he does.

How Am I Sleeping ?

This week I am sleeping so much better, I also realised that since I started treatment for the gestational diabetes I haven’t felt the need to have a nap in the afternoon which is a good thing.

How’s My Health ?

After my weekly phone call to the Diabetes nurse, my insulin was adjusted slightly which seems to be bringing my blood sugar levels to a normal, safe figure, the only problem I am finding at the moment is that if I don’t eat enough for breakfast I am having a hypo which is quite a scary experience, I am managing them when they happen but I am going to discuss this with her during my next phone call, until then I am going to add a piece of fruit or a yogurt to my breakfast.

As usual Heartburn is a problem, I am really enjoying Clementines at the moment but they really do set it off.

Weight Gain

I have actually forgotten to weigh myself this morning so I’m not sure, I doubt it’s much as everything is still fitting me & even feeling a little loose.


This week I have had huge cravings for Ham sandwiches with a packet of crisps on the side, not your usual weird craving but none the less it’s all I can think about.

How’s My Mood ?

I am feeling really good this week mentally, I’m thinking a lot more positively which helps so much. It’s amazing how easy everything seems when you think about things differently.

Other Bits & Bobs

After finding out we are expecting a boy we finally felt like me could start buying things for him, as a bonus Tesco & Asda are just starting their Baby Event sales so we took advantage of it, we have decided to go with the Tommee Tippee range of bottles this time as we have heard good things about them. The 6 pack of bottles were reduced to £10 & the Microwave Steraliser was reduced to £9.50.
Chris also picked up some bargain vests & babygrows in the sale.


Looking Forward To

We are going into town this weekend to look for some some baby bargains, hopefully there will be some sales stock left.

Having no more appointments for the next 3 weeks, bliss !

Thanks for reading & please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, I always read & reply.

Angela x


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