February At The Websters

I’ve said it before but February is my least favourite month of the year. Each year no matter how positively I think it brings illness and stress. myself and the children have spent almost the entire month fighting off one cold and cough after another.

Thanks to vitamins, Berocca and lots of rest we are all feeling much better. I’ve told Mr Webster that we need to go somewhere hot for the whole of February from now on.

Our car Val also had her MOT this month which was rather costly. Thankfully we had some healthy looking savings to pay with.

Anyway, here’s some other things that happened in February.

  • We took a few trips to the park.
  • I went to the cinema to see ‘Split’ (fab film).
  • We tried potty training again with Jake.
  • We celebrated valentines day with a nice meal together as a family.
  • We watched tons of Netflix.
  • Pancakes were made and enjoyed.
  • Chris and I went for a delicious meal at PizzaExpress.
  • I won some great prizes including some gift cards which meant lots of treats.
  • Daisy and I enjoyed a pamper evening at home.
  • I made a start on Spring cleaning.


23 thoughts on “February At The Websters

  1. The cakes look delicious! Congratulations on your competition wins as well. My wife does competitions and the things she wins make the family budget stretch further so they are well worth doing.

  2. Feb historically was a crap month for me too but I’ve lived in oz for five years and now I’m back, it’s such a relief it’s not 45 degrees I’m actually really enjoying Feb here #treasuretuesday

  3. February is always a bit of a nothing month I think. The weather is poor and so you just feel a bit meh. Looks like you made the best of it though!
    Ahhhh, the spring clean. I must make a start otherwise I wont fit it in! #TuesdayTreasures

  4. My car also had – and spectacularly failed – its MOT. We’ve also been attempting to potty train but nothing much is happening yet. Sound like you have managed to have plenty of fun though even in the dreary month of Feb! #tuesdaytreasures

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