Blogging, Virgins & Lullabies #LittleLoves

This week has been a bit tough. This nasty hacking cough is plaguing  us all at the moment, it’s been relentless. It’s meant that Daisy has only been in school one day this week, most kids would be quite happy with that but she loves school.

We have had lots of tears about missing her friends. I’m hoping she can go in for the last day before half term, fingers crossed for full nights sleep. Focusing on my little loves from the week really helps to keep me positive.


I go back and to as to whether I want to try to earn a living from blogging. I’m not sure if it’s become a saturated market but I do like making little improvements to my blog all the time.

A few weeks ago I won a book written by fellow bloggers Emma Bradley and Lynn James called ‘Blogging Your Way To Riches’. I’ve been dipping in and out this week as it’s such an easy read. I’m loving the practical advice, I just need to start implementing it now.


I’ve been struggling to find something to replace Gilmore Girls but I think I have managed it. I’ve started watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix and I love it. How it passed me by when it was on TV I don’t know. I love the story and the narrator makes me giggle. It’s such an easy watch and I don’t feel the need to binge watch it which is great.

I’ve also started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime which I’m really enjoying.


Despite all the coughing and requests for endless drinks and snacks some lovely things have been heard. Daisy and Jake have wanted lots of cuddles and mummy time. Daisy has been sleeping in bed with me and one night I heard her say through her poorly tears that she could only get back to sleep if I sung her a lullaby.

My 5 year old girl who insists she’s growing up and can do things herself needed to hear mummy’s voice to make her feel better. Sometimes children say things that you just want to remember forever.


I’m seriously wondering if I’m ever going to have anything worthwhile to put in this category. I think I might set myself a Pinterest challenge or something.


Apart from my pyjamas which I absolutely love wearing I’ve also been wearing some new make up. It might sound a little strange seeing as I’m poorly and have barely left the house. It’s way too easy to wallow in self pity and not make an effort when you are feeling unwell. Putting some make up on this week has not only made me look better it’s made me feel better too.

And lastly

I’ve had plenty of time to start planning my Spring cleaning this week. There’s something about the lighter days that makes me want to clean everything within an inch of it’s life. My house is always pretty tidy but dust is my enemy and it must be defeated !

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

26 thoughts on “Blogging, Virgins & Lullabies #LittleLoves

  1. I love your “throw kindness around like confetti” bag!

    I am looking forward to Spring Cleaning too – and having fresh Spring flowers in the house as often as we can.

    Have a great week lovely 🙂

  2. Great book. Oh yes I don’t want to finish Gilmore Girls just yet because I won’t have anything to replace it with. hahah I was waiting for Pretty Little Liars to start up again hopefully soon. Hurray for spring cleaning. I love it. A chance to clear out. Hope you had a good weekend and less coughs we all had it here too. #littleloves

  3. My other half bought me that book for Christmas and I haven’t started it yet…that will be my challenge for this week! We have also started watching Sneaky Pete…love it! #TuesdayTreasures

  4. So sorry to hear you’ve all been poorly. Hope you’re all better soon. I’ve seen a few people talk about that blogging book – I think I should try it but I am with reading like you are with making things – I just never get around to it!

  5. Aw I hope Daisy is better and that cough is leaving your household. It’s been pretty horrid and not left us yet either! The book looks good I hope it’s been useful to you. I’ve decided to not make money from it, the blog, i need something reliable and a lot of work has just been for follow links which I don’t want a lot of on the blog but it’s all I get offered haha #tuesdaytreasures

    1. Thanks Hannah, we are finally (fingers crossed) feeling better. I agree about it not being reliable I think to succeed I would need to put about 12 hours a day in, time I just don’t have. I’m more leaning to just keeping my blog as a hobby.

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