A Nice Hot Bath

A nice hot bath is there anything better in the world ? I had one on Sunday and it turned my whole day around.

Last week I briefly touched on the fact that I’ve been suffering from stress lately. Although I’ve taken some steps to eliminate some of those stresses I’m still in the process of recovering.

On Sunday morning my already full brain started to spin with the to-do list for the day ahead.

Our hoover has been on it’s last legs for a few weeks. One of the wheels fell off but I’ve been managing to steer it round regardless. I was hoping to make it last until at after Christmas but alas it wasn’t to be. It lost it’s other wheel which in turn caused my proverbial wheels to come off too.

Stood in the kitchen up to my elbows in washing up I sobbed. It all came pouring out. How would we afford a new hoover, we didn’t yet have a Christmas tree. I had tons of things I needed to get done on the computer, the kids needed a bath and so and so on. It was like an avalanche of unrelated but equally as stressful things that had all been running round my brain.

FrugalMrW put his hands on my shoulders, looked me right in the eye and told me to go upstairs and get a nice hot bath. For once I didn’t protest because at that exact moment he knew exactly what I needed.bathroom-1281614_1920I headed upstairs, turned on the hot tap and poured in the most luxurious bath foam I own. While waiting for it to fill, I took a notebook from my shelf and wrote down all the things that I was grateful for in that moment.

* A husband who knows my soul and knows exactly what to say to bring be back down off the ceiling. Who knows exactly what I need without me having to say a word.

*Four beautiful, healthy children.

*Hot clean water to lie in and soothe my mind and body.

*Although far from ideal, enough of a credit limit on our credit card to buy a new hoover.

* Our warm, safe home.

*A full freezer and cupboard of food.

And so the list went on.

Once the bath was full I sank into the deep water and immediately felt so much of the tension I had been carrying melt away. I lay back and enjoyed a few pages of ‘What I know For Sure’ a book that never fails to make me feel better and in total peace, I relaxed.img_29651That peaceful half an hour was exactly what I needed. I got out the bath in a more positive state of mind ready to tackle the day ahead.

Oh and the hoover ? I left that to FrugalMrW who not only bought the exact one I wanted he also managed to get it £150 cheaper.

What I’m trying to tell you is that when you are feeling stressed grab that opportunity however small it is to find some peace. I can’t guarantee it will solve any problems but it might give you the clarity and perspective to get back on your feet again.

What is your go to when you are feeling stressed ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.









How To Take The Stress Out Of Christmas Shopping

There’s no escaping the fact that Christmas shopping season is fast approaching or if you are super organised like me it’s already begun.

Christmas can be such an expensive time for everyone, even more so if you are trying to work to a tight budget.

I thought I would share with you some ways you can take the stress out of Christmas shopping.

Vouchers, Discounts & Sales

Never buy any of those wish list gifts until you have checked online to see if there is a sale, discount or voucher available for the items you want to buy.

Competition for sales around the festive season has become fierce in recent years with the introduction of ‘Black Friday’ and star buy sales so make sure you take full advantage of the offers.

Be sure to look at websites like My Voucher Codes where you can find a ton of the latest voucher codes and in-store offers from over 8,000 retailers.hang-tags-234566_1280Online Shopping

With the amount of stores that now offer online shopping there’s no need to even step foot out of the comfort of your house.

I now do about 70% of my Christmas shopping online, not having to brave the crowds or fight the queues has done wonders for my stress levels and of course my bank balance.

Most retailers now offer a free click and collect service which means you are also saving money on postage fees, another huge bonus is that it helps you to focus and buy only what you need without all those till point distractions that cause impulse purchases.

I do the majority of my shopping for the children presents from Amazon as the prices are really competitive and they have a huge range of the latest toys and games.gift-595871_1920Gift Vouchers

The toughest part of Christmas shopping for me is deciding what to actually buy for people, there’s always the worry of buying a duplicate or even worse something they don’t like at all.

If I’m really stuck for ideas I opt for buying them a gift voucher so they can choose something for themselves.

If you would rather buy some an experience or night out, most restaurants and cinema chains offer gift vouchers, I’m sure the recipient would be delighted with an actual experience rather than a physical gift.

Have a look at the Voucher Madness post over on Planner Wealth for lots more ideas about vouchers, there’s also a great easy money saving tips video for you to watch.coupon-472481_1920Start Early 

The most valuable tip I can give you and one I have always followed is to start your Christmas shopping early.

I have saved so much much money by being prepared, grabbing sales and bargains all the way through the year.

Another great advantage of doing it this way is that you can spread the cost and avoid facing a huge expense all at once.

Being prepared means that you also avoid last minute panic buying and missing delivery deadlines, leaving no choice but to pay over the odds and venturing out in what is truly silly season.coffee-1246511_1280I hope these tips have given you some ideas of how to take the stress out of Christmas shopping, if you have any tips of your own leave me a comment I love hearing from you.


*This is a collaborative post*