Webster’s Week In Review 11th-17th November 2013

Hi Folks

It’s been a fairly busy week here at the Webster’s, I had a scan on Wednesday as they couldn’t get the correct measurements last time, I finally have a due date of the 16th May 2014 although it might not apply if I decide on a c-section.

On Saturday we walked into town to do some more Christmas shopping, we went fairly early so it wasn’t too busy but by the time we were ready to come home it was heaving. I was looking forward to seeing how they had decorated the shopping centre for Christmas but was a little disappointed, not to worry though as we are off to London next weekend & I’m sure their decorations will be spectacular.

Here is Tiny Webster at 14 weeks, I feel like I’m having a boy as I’m still suffering with nausea as I did last time I carried a boy, I could be wrong but I doubt it !

I’m a huge fan of Freecycle/Freegle & generally getting stuff for free so I was super pleased this week when we got the Little Tykes slide & Cozy Coupe above, we also got a Little Tykes Turtle sand pit & a Scooter, the couple were moving to Australia & didn’t want to take the outdoor toys, they are in fantastic condition. Look out for a blog post about why I love Freecycle coming soon.

On Sunday I had my Come Round Party, the theme was Philips Perfect Care & I got a fantastic new Iron & Ironing Board just for inviting a few friends round to show them off.

As I have been feeling a little more human this week I’ve been getting on with chores that should have been done a while ago, I love the feeling you get when you tick something off your to-do list.

As I mentioned above Chris & I are off to London on Saturday to take my prize trip, we are staying in a beautiful hotel & I have £200 to spend at a boutique, it’s our first time in London & it’s my birthday on Sunday, what a way to celebrate.

Have a good week whatever it may bring.

Angela x


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