A Happy Halloween At The Webster’s

Happy Halloween ! I hope you had lots of fun celebrating, I thought I would share with you some of the ways we like to celebrate and decorate our house for the occasion (on a budget of course).

I know it’s not for everyone but I’ve always an effort to celebrate Halloween, I think my older two children will have lots of fun memories of being wrapped in toilet tissue like a Mummy and collecting lots of sweet treats from family and neighbours on Halloween night.  Daisy is just starting to understand celebrations which has made this year really special, she has excitedly watched me decorate the house with spooky goodies.

Every year I pick a few things up to add to our Halloween box, as we are on a budget I use shops like Aldi, Poundland, Home Bargains and B&M to find some fantastic bargains.Daisy chose this Witch costume from the supermarket, it was really good value at £6 and will be added to the dressing up box afterwards so she will get plenty of use out of it.

I’m an absolute sucker for a gimmick so naturally I had to buy some Halloween cakes and crisps, I also bought Daisy some goodies for her Halloween bucket.

Of course Jake had to take part in Halloween too, I won a Pumpkin shaped teething ring which he is thoroughly enjoying, how cute is that ghostly bib.

FrugalMrW took Daisy to his sister’s for a couple of hours as she has a little Halloween party each year, she returned later with a very full bucket of treats.

We didn’t get a lot of knocks on the door this year which is quite sad as I had a big bucket of lollipops ready for the trick or treaters, I think next year we will decorate the door so the children know they are very welcome as our house can appear quite dark from the front, maybe that put them off.

I know some people can’t stand celebrations like Halloween but the way I look at it is that life is short so if there is an event to celebrate then I’m going to especially if captures the kids imagination and fills them with excitement.

Angela xx

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