Daisy Update-21 Months Old

Welcome to a new series of posts on Adventures In WebsterLand, every month I will do an update about Daisy. I really wish I had started this blog ages ago as it will be so lovely to look back on these posts to see how much Daisy had changed.

Daisy Webster age 21 Months Old.


Homemade Cheesy Pasta
In The Night Garden
Mumford & Sons Songs
Peppa Pig
Mummies Shoes
Playing In The Garden
Climbing Up Slides The Wrong Way


Being Clothed
Ice Cream !


Daisy seems to be learning new words every week now, she is very fond of ‘Yes’ and ‘See-ya’, she’s also learning to use the word ‘No’ a little more than we like !

She loves being active and is a climber, we have to make a lot of changes round the house this month safety wise just to stay one step ahead of her, I love her adventurous spirit.

She is showing the first signs of getting ready to potty train, we bought a potty just to have around so she could get used to it.

She loves helping me with chores, she likes to put the clothes in the drier, dusting and following the hoover round.

I will be back next month with another update.

Angela x

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