Ever Have One Of Those Days ?

I’m not one of those people that dread Mondays, I try to look at it as the start to a brand new week filled with possibility but after the day we had yesterday and today looking to be no different I’m left wondering if one of THOSE days is going to turn into one of THOSE weeks.

Monday morning started just before 6 am when Jake woke the house before the alarm clock had a chance to, sometimes I have a coffee before I feed the children but they were claiming to be starving so I made them some toast and then for some unknown reason popped my bagels in the toaster while I was still rushing around serving breakfast and distributing drinks, needless to say I burnt my bagels.

I salvaged half and crunched my way through my breakfast, I hate food waste so no way would I admit defeat and get some cereal instead.

I remember wondering what the rest of Monday would have in store for me, I think the universe must have been listening.

The getting everyone ready for school routine went that smoothly that we were back downstairs with 45 minutes to spare before we had to be out the door so I decided to do the washing up and get a few other jobs done, I was feeling rather pleased with my little self being so productive when I accidentally tapped the Pyrex jug on the tap and it exploded (this is not an exaggeration) into what seemed like a thousand pieces.

I stood in shock for a moment and looked around the kitchen which was covered in glass, no where had seemed to escape the rain of Pyrex and now I had to race against time to get it all cleared up before we needed to leave.


I made a little joke on Twitter asking if anything else could go wrong this morning and I soon found out.

I dropped Daisy off at nursery at normal time and had just sat down after cleaning the house and triple checking for any stray bits of glass when the school phoned for me to pick Daisy up as she wasn’t feeling well, she had a temperature and a headache that had come out of nowhere.

The rest of the days chores were put on hold while I cuddled my poorly little girl, when Daisy is poorly she gets an incredibly high temperature that’s really difficult to bring down so as you can imagine it’s very worrying.


When bedtime came around Jake did his usual running off into Daisy’s bedroom where he slipped on some discarded toys and busted his lip on the toy box, cue blood everywhere, as the cut looked quite deep FrugalMrW took him to A&E just to check it didn’t need stitches, three hours later he was back home his usual cheery self without stitches thankfully.


When I finally got into bed I couldn’t settle thinking about all the events of the day and hoping our run of bad luck was over.

Daisy was still running a temperature this morning so I decided to keep her home, I thought I would get on with some things I didn’t get round to yesterday, as I had a ton of washing I thought I would pop some in the dryer and that’s when I discovered that it was broke, bear in mind this is the second brand new broken dryer we’ve had in two months (long story for another time).

When FrugalMrW told me that we needed a new tire for the car as well I had to laugh, what else was there for it ? days, weeks and even months can be like this sometimes and they just make you appreciate the quiet peaceful uneventful times even more.

I’m hoping the rest of the week will be a little kinder to us while we nurse poorly children, try to arrange a replacement dryer, squeeze the budget for a new tyre and try to stay sane.

Do you have days like this ? how do keep your spirits up ? leave me  a comment I love hearing from you.

Angela xx


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  1. Margaret Gallagher
    April 26th 2016 / 9:40 PM

    Always !!!! Just say onwards and upwards and pull my hair out go to bed at night and feel better next day -ready to start again

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