How To Keep Kids Hydrated In The Colder Months

The colder months inevitably bring colds, sniffles and coughs along with them. Delightfully it’s usually our tiny humans who bring them home from school and nursery. A great way to combat and lessen the effects of winter bugs is to keep our kids hydrated.

I find in the colder months my kids definitely drink less so I’ve come up with a few tips to keep them hydrated.

Fruity Water

The best way to keep hydrated is obviously with water, kids are not always big fans of it though. A great way to encourage them is with a fruity water like Get More Vitamins Kids drinks. The Get More Vitamins kids range also contain essential vitamins for an extra boost. They are perfect for packed lunch boxes, days out and after school. Adding some of their favourite fruity flavours like apple or orange can really help in persuading them to drink more every day.

Water Bottles

Letting your kids choose a special water bottle of their own can be helpful. You can turn hydration into a fun activity by including products that feature their favourite characters. Bright colours and patterns can also help encourage kids to drink more.

Fruit & Veg

Another great way to keep kids hydrated is pack in lots of high-water content foods like fruits and vegetables. If your kids aren’t brilliant fruit and vegetable eaters like mine you could sneak them in using soups and smoothies instead.

Warm Drinks

The colder months are perfect for introducing kids to the delights of a nice warm drink. Staring or ending the day with a hot chocolate or a warm milk will help to top up on hydration.

Make It Fun

As a planner nerd myself I’ve spotted that some people use a hydration chart to keep track of their water intake. You could adapt this idea and create a fun chart for kids. The kids could use stickers to plot their progress. Perhaps they could get a little reward each week if they fill it up. You could go all out and let them loose with crayons and paint to decorate their charts.

*This is a collaborative post.

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