January At The Websters

I can’t believe it’s already time to write the first monthly round up post of the year. January has been one of those months that has both dragged but flown by at the same time. I’m not sure how that’s possible but that’s how it’s seemed.

January has been a pretty good month, staying positive has definitely helped keep the January blues at bay. We haven’t got out as much as I had hoped. The weekends have been busy with sorting and decluttering instead. It’s only as we have come to the end of the month that we are succumbing to all the colds and coughs of the Winter season. As I type this Daisy is off school poorly snuggling with her blanket.

I’m looking forward to February, we have a birthday to celebrate, Valentine’s day, parents evening and half term. I better get some planning done.

Here’s what we got up to in January

  • We started our post Christmas declutter.
  • Jake & Chris both had radical haircuts !
  • I got a much needed haircut.
  • My January no spend challenge was a success.
  • Some fantastic prizes arrived.
  • I enjoyed meeting friends for coffee at the loveliest quirky little coffee shop.
  • We have enjoyed lots of tasty winter warming comfort food.
  • Chris spent some time away on a training course with work.
  • Jake began potty training.
  • We’ve wrapped up warm & enjoyed some park and forest visits.
  • Daisy has learned how to read lots of new words.
  • I have been all about the cosy this month.
  • We’ve celebrated some frugal wins.
  • I’ve joined lots of linkies & kept up with them as well as hosting a linky with my lovely friend Rachel Swirl.
  • Our Grandson Olly slept over.




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12 thoughts on “January At The Websters

  1. Oh my goodness! Is that olly in the last photo? He is gorgeous! The coffee photo is lovely, I could picture a nice time relaxing there with a good book. Loving your blog Angela you’ve been working really hard on it x #TuesdayTreasures

  2. Whoah, you have achieved wonders, I think pretty much I stayed in bed and hid under the covers for half of it!!

    You have a grandson, you’re not even nearly old enough!! #tuesdaytreasures

  3. You’ve had a busy month! January flew by and I think February will too, we’re already a week in…how did that happen! Can’t wait until half term and some time to chill out with the kids! #TuesdayTreasures

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