Now You Are Four {Jake}

Dear Jake, today you turn four years old. The past four years seem to have flown by and it seems just yesterday that you came into the world with your loud angry cry. I love telling the story about how you cried for a solid 40 minutes, you seemed very annoyed that we had dared to disturb you.

I brought you home the next day and our family of four was now complete. There were no doubts that you would be our last baby, every first you experienced would be our last. Watching you grow, take your first steps and say your first word was always going to be bittersweet.

This last year has seen you change so much, you have become fiercely independent but at the same time clung even tighter to Mummy than you have ever done before.

You love robots and dinosaurs and most of all super heroes. Your energy knows no bounds, sitting still for even a moment is just not for you.

You are so kind and thoughtful, you give the next snuggles in the word and tell Daisy and me every day that they we are pretty.

Life with you has always been a whirlwind but we wouldn’t have it any other way. You will always be our baby, our blue-eyed boy and we love you so much.

This year will see you grow and change even more, full-time school is just over the horizon. I just know you will treat growing up as much as an adventure as you do everything else !


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