Affordable Luxury Home Ideas

Many of us dream about owning a luxury home. While you can lust after million-pound property listings, what can you do to change your home and make it feel more high-end? I have some ideas for affordable luxury without breaking the bank.

So, what makes a luxury home? There are certain features – like a spa bathroom or a library – that are synonymous with opulent interiors. With a few clever tricks, even the smallest home can have these luxury features, even on a budget.

Affordable Luxury Home Ideas

luxury bedroom with white interiors

Spa Bathroom

You may think that you need a huge space to achieve a spa-feel, but a spa bathroom is more about the finish, rather than an extravagant suite or the size of the room.

To create a luxury-feel, there are lots of little tricks you can use. This could include changing taps for expensive looking brass, hanging ornate mirrors, adding a beautiful scent with a diffuser, investing in fluffy towels, decorating with plants, or displaying fancy bottles on a shelf or windowsill.

silver bath tap with the word tub


You may associate a balcony with holiday apartments or plush city-centre penthouses, but balcony kits from the likes of Barrier Components can be added to most homes.

A balcony can be used to extend the space in your bedroom and make it feel like a master suite, or if you have a small yard or garden, it can provide more outdoor space. They are also perfect for entertaining or escaping – try these ideas to make a balcony feel stylish.


What does every grand house have? A library. Whether you live in a flat or a small terrace, there are ways you can create a mini library in your home, for a luxury look.

You can incorporate a library by building floor-to-ceiling shelves around a doorway or in an alcove, converting the under-stair cupboard, or using space beneath the windowsill. To finish off, create a cosy reading nook with an armchair, floor cushions, and a lamp.

books on a bookshelf colorful


If you have ever watched cooking programmes and felt that twinge of jealousy over their well-stocked pantry, it can make you feel a little disappointed with your home.

However, a pantry can fit into any kitchen – the key is careful planning. You could add doors to an alcove to convert it into a pantry, install spice racks to the back of cupboard doors, or put up shelving and display food in glass jars.

Luxury features are not just for luxury homes and these four ideas can transform any property, using hacks that are affordable and effective. Try them out and see what you think.

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One thought on “Affordable Luxury Home Ideas

  1. What a great post! Many of us are looking for our dream home but it’s important to remember that you can sometimes make changes on your own. If you’ve got a budget for your dream home and you get put off by new builds that don’t have everything you desire, I think it’s important to remember that you can make your own additions! I’m definitely lusting after a library so I will see if I can incorporate some shelves into my existing space as this will really save some money.

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