This Week At The Webster’s – Slow Recovery, Dressing Up, Baby Hair & Making Changes

This week I’ve mainly been concentrating on my recovery from the abscess surgery, it’s been a hugely frustrating week of not being able to do much around the house or with the children.

Each day I’m willing my body to get well faster than it really is capable of, I was feeling pretty rubbish and fatigued before it happened which seems to have doubled this week. I have to make an appointment to get some tests done which will hopefully mean finding out what’s actually wrong and working out how to get well again.

Daisy dressed up for her first world book day this week, we chose Little Red Riding Hood.

Jake had his first hair cut this week too, I felt quite emotional about it.

Being ill for almost two weeks and the chaos it threw us into has made us realise that we have a lot of tough decisions and changes to make, I think it’s healthy to look at what’s not working in life and change direction, much better than burying our heads in the sand and hoping problems will go away, we are almost ready to put our plans into action.

So that’s it really, not much else to share, we are spending today cleaning the house and trying to restore some order before Chris goes back to work and I ease myself back into our weekly routine.

Angela x


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