This Week At The Webster’s – Windy Walks, The Dentist’s Chair, An Anniversary, and a Little Boy Joins The Library

This week started off with a bank holiday which meant that Daddy was home which is always a treat for us, we spent the day at home pottering round getting little jobs done.

We all had an appointment with the dentist this week, I’ve finally registered us all at a local one, I loved my old dentist and have been very reluctant to change but it makes more sense to find one closer to home.

Daisy loves going to the dentist and had no problem climbing into the big magic chair and letting the dentist look at her teeth, Jake was not very happy about having a strange man poking around his gums but I think it’s really important to take little ones so they get used to going.

The weather has been strange this week, pouring with rain one minute, sunny the next so we took advantage in between the showers and went for a walk, it was my favourite kind of weather, very windy but warm, we found some wooden climbing activities along the way which Daisy loved climbing on.



Before I had Jake Daisy and I used to visit the library every few weeks but I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t been since Jake was born, we are really lucky to have two libraries close to us and getting to one involves a lovely walk through a park so we chose that one.

Jake is now the proud owner of a library card and had a great time crawling around choosing books from the shelf, Daisy wanted to borrow about thirty books but we settled on four.

Today is mine and Chris’s third wedding anniversary, we’ve had a child free afternoon and have enjoyed a steak for our tea, we don’t get much time on our own so it’s been lovely.

I will leave you with a couple more photos from our week.


Hope you have had a good week, I will be back next week to share ours with you.

Angela x


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