Webster’s Week In Review

I’m going to post a weekly review of what’s been going on at the Webster’s, it’s a really a lovely way for us to look back on our life and see how Daisy grows and changes, it will also encourage me to take more photo’s which is something I’m pants at.

Monday was spent catching up on some cleaning, I did a huge pile of Ironing, updated all my to-do lists and planned my couponing trip for later in the week.

On Tuesday the Tea Set I ordered for Daisy arrived, her nan had given her some money for a treat and as she loves playing with cups I decided to order this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea-Set, I did a little research and found it at Amazon for £11.25 bargain.


We had lots of fun in the afternoon playing with it, Daisy loves pouring the tea-pot and pretending to drink from the cups it also plays a little counting song and she loves dancing to it.

Sharing a brew with ‘Una’ (this is what Daisy calls this dolly.

Cake anyone ?

On Wednesday we had a walk over to Tesco, it’s about 5 miles from our house and takes just over 30 minutes it’s a nice walk although it was a little humid.

I had planned a coupon trip and wanted to get Daisy some pyjamas, we had a successful coupon trip which I have already blogged about.

I found pyjamas with owls on them, I’m owl obsessed and plan to pass this little obsession onto Daisy.

Thursday and Friday was a mixture of more cleaning, playing with Daisy, comping and freebie hunting.

We also spent some time in the garden as the weather has been beautiful.

Yesterday my step-sons came to stay, they live in Scotland so it is really lovely to see them, and Daisy loves them being here, Chris took them to see Despicable Me 2 while me and Daisy played in the garden although the sun was that hot we couldn’t stay out for that long.

Chris and I watched The Man With Two Brains which we hadn’t seen in ages, the old movies are always the best.


Daisy in the garden looking very excited by the cow on the side of her tent.

Today Chris has taken the boys geo-caching which they love to do, although they have had to cover themselves in sun cream as it’s a scorcher out there today.

Daisy has gone to visit her nan and Grandad and I’m writing this blog post, planning next week and watching extreme couponing, it’s a hard life.

I’m hoping to start working out again next week, I had been working out regularly until I hurt my back and I miss it so much, I love the feeling you get after a good workout. I’m also going to get my healthy eating back on track, I’ve been the same weight for the last 3 weeks but at least I haven’t gained I suppose.

Have a great week xx

Angela xx

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