Webster’s Week In Review

What a scorcher of a week we have had this week , I love the sunshine but I don’t like  the humidity of it all.

Daisy has had a few late nights due to it being like a mini sauna in her bedroom and Chris had to make two late night runs to the supermarket to buy us fans.

Monday was great as Chris was off work so we had a pretty relaxed day together, I took Daisy in the garden to do one of my most favourite sunny day activities, water painting, not only is it free it’s great fun.

She loved the freedom of being able to paint on the floor and also being able to play with the water and get wet.


On Tuesday Chris spent time with his sons before they went back to Scotland where they live, I got a few jobs around the house done and tried to keep Daisy entertained.

On Wednesday we went and did some shopping, we have just started using Aldi and Iceland as our main supermarkets and I’m super impressed already, the quality is great and it’s costing half of what we were spending.

The rest of the day we chilled out, Chris and I  watched the film Anger Management, such a funny film and I indulged in a little salted popcorn.

On Thursday I decided to clean the whole house top to bottom, my daily routine had gone out of the window this week with Chris being off work, in the afternoon it seemed a little cooler so Daisy and I spent some time in the garden, I filled her paddling pool up and she had great fun splashing around and climbing in and out.
Friday was super hot so Daisy watched a little Pepper Pig on the Kindle while I got some jobs done, I also filmed my weekly YouTube video although it took me eight attempts to get it right I blame the heat !
I got up early on Saturday to go to town with my cousin, she wanted to get some Happy Mondays concert tickets that were being given away for free as part of Warrington music festival, we managed to get tickets and the queuing wasn’t too bad, afterwards we used our O2 priority moments app to get a free iced drink from Cafe Nero.
I needed a swimming costume for Daisy so we looked in TK Maxx, I got an absolute bargain, a Zoggs costume for £4, it’s age 2 years so it will last her ages.

The T-shirt’s were a pressie from auntie Lisa.

On Saturday afternoon we went to visit some friends, we had a lovely time sitting in the garden while Daisy played with their five children, I love seeing her play so nicely.

Today is all about blogs,vlogs and catching up, the washing is on the line and it’s a beautiful day.

Have a great week.

Angela xx


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