Webster’s Week In Review

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone, I feel like it was only a few days ago I was writing last weeks week in review.

The bathroom is almost finished now, I am pleased with it although there is an issue regarding a damaged bath but I’m not going to moan about it I’m just happy that we can get back to normal, I will post some pictures next week.


On Monday, Daisy decided she wanted to help me make the casserole, it’s never too early to start learning how to cook.

I love my slow cooker although I’m not very adventurous with it, there are loads of things I want to try I just lack confidence and tend to stick to my tried and tested recipes.

Fun Day


On Tuesday we went to a fun day organised by the local Children’s Centre, Daisy loved the fishing game although she did try to climb in a few times.

There was a snack-right stall which gave some good ideas about healthy snacks for kids, Daisy loved the little snack pack she was given.


We also enjoyed some time at the park, the best way to have some fun for free, we are really lucky to have two good parks close to our house.

Teething & Tummy Troubles

Daisy has been a little out of sorts this week, I think it’s a combination of teething and she also suffers on and off with constipation which is really frustrating as she has a good varied diet.

I think it may be time for some figs. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know in the comments.

Daisy Proofing


We finally got round to fitting some cupboard locks this week, here is Daisy engrossed in watching her Daddy, I wasn’t going to bother putting one on this cupboard but daisy has been raiding the cereal !

A Little Indulging

Despite being super good with my eating and walking all the way to town, my weight has stayed the same this week, at least I haven’t put any on I suppose.

We decided to have a little indulgence last night, we had a take-away, I drank the Prosecco I won last week and we had the most delicious Ben & Jerry’s I’ve ever tasted, it’s the taste of Canada in tub, I think you need to have a treat sometimes.


That’s all this week, do you have any exciting plans for the coming week ?

Have a great week.

Angela xx

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