Webster’s Week In Review

We’ve had a bit of a quiet week here at the Webster’s, we are still in the process of having a new bathroom fitted so we have had to stay home most days, with just the odd trip to the shops.

I’ve been doing ┬álot’s of organising in the house and preparing for our short break to Cornwall next month, I love being organised and planning ahead and I have already started thinking about Daisy’s costume for Halloween.


We have been using the kitchen to wash and brush our teeth while the bathroom is a no go area, Daisy gets really excited about brushing her teeth.


Daisy has also been snoozing on the couch a lot, she loves going for her nap but it’s too noisy up in her bedroom most days with the workmen here.


My healthy eating is going really well, this week I tried red pepper hummus from Aldi for a change, I usually just go for the plain variety, it’s really tasty.

I’ve lost 4 pounds this week just by cutting all the junk food out.


Daisy found Chris’s winter hat and decided to wear it to have her bedtime story.


Daisy has gone on a little trip with her grandparents today so Chris and took a trip to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, we had some vouchers to spend.

I got some Hello Panda biscuits for Daisy from Selfridge’s Food Hall, I love all the international and unusual food they sell, I could easily spend a fortune.

We spotted a Diet Coke stand giving away bottles of the new Marc Jacobs designer bottles, there was a photo booth where you could have silly photo’s taken so we joined the queue. because of our height difference I ended up looking like an alien but it was fun.


I’m hoping the bathroom will be finished this week and we can get back into our normal routine, I want to do some finger painting with Daisy and am planning to bake some cup cakes with her.

What do you have planned this week ?

Angela xx


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