Websters Week In Review {28th October-3rd November 2013}

I wasn’t going to post again this week as I’ve not taken any photo’s or really done much this week. I think that I would like to keep this as regular feature on my blog even if there isn’t much to share.

On Wednesday we went for an ultrasound, we had already seen the baby the week before as I had a little bleed. This time Tiny Webster wouldn’t behave so we have to go back again in a couple of weeks, this meant that we didn’t get a photo. Hopefully the photo we do get next time will be a lot clearer as Tiny will be a little bigger.

Halloween happened, I had lot’s of plans but with feeling so rotten this past few weeks I didn’t manage to do anything at all. We had a few trick-or-treaters and Daisy loved answering the door to them.

I bought these Halloween window stickers from Aldi they were 89p which I thought was a bargain. They are re-usable as well which is a bonus.

I found Daisy behind the sofa like this, I’m surprised she didn’t get stuck in it.

Daisy had her first experience of  glow sticks this week, she was fascinated by them.

There have a been a lot of fireworks here for a few weekends now. Last night there were loads despite the dreadful stormy weather. We haven’t ventured to a display yet, I prefer to stay nice and warm and watch through the window.

That’s all for this week, stay safe if you are going to a display and wrap up warm.

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