12 Ways To Save Money This Summer

Summer is here at last! It’s the season for school holidays, travel plans, barbecues and lots of fun. It can also be a really expensive time of year with all those extra activities to pay for. I love the challenge of finding ways to save money over the summer, I have a budget in place to cover all the activities we want to do but that doesn’t stop me thinking about all the extra ways I can make savings.

There are lots of ways you can save money in the summer, I thought I would share with you 12 of my favourite ways to make savings.

How To Save Money In The Summer 


Avoid Using The Oven

I don’t know about you but when the temperatures outside start to rise there’s no way I feel like cooking inside. The kitchen can become like a sauna in the summer if you are having to use the oven to cook meals. Here are some alternative ideas for you:

  • Slow cookers are perfect for summer as they don’t heat up your kitchen. 
  • Microwaves don’t give off a lot of heat so try using that instead. 
  • Cook your meals outside on the barbecue or grill.
  • Plan meals that don’t need to be cooked in the oven or on the stovetop. Sandwiches, salads and cold cuts of meat are great to et on a hot day.
  • Stick to simple recipes that don’t take a lot of time to cook.

Thermal Curtains & Blinds

Thermal curtains and blinds are a great investment for saving money in the long term. They are great for saving money in both the summer and the winter. They help to block the sun and keep your rooms shaded and cool during the summer, meaning you shouldn’t have to run a fan or the air conditioning continually.

Free Activities

There are lots of places you can visit for free, check out your local museums, libraries, parks and nature reserves. Lots of places offer free activities over the summer to encourage people to visit. I suggest following your local attractions on social media to find out what’s happening. Click here to read how you can save money on family days out this summer.

How To Save Money On Family Days Out

Seasonal Shopping

Supermarkets often have discounts and special offers on seasonal summer products like ice-cream, soft drinks, burgers, hot dogs and fruit like strawberries. Plan your meals around these discounted products and take the opportunity to stock up on them while the deals are good.

Save Energy

With more time spent outside enjoying the sun, there’s less need for using electricity in your home. The lighter mornings and evenings mean you can use less energy on switching lights and lamps on. Less time spent on consoles and screens means less money spent on electricity too.

Taking cooler baths or showers and turning your thermostat right down can also help you to cut costs.

Bring Your Own Food Party

If you are hosting barbecues or garden parties this summer ask your friends to each bring a dish with them. Catering for guests can become costly but you can same some money by asking them to bring something along with them.

Hang Your Laundry Outside

Make the most of the sunshine and give the tumble drier a rest by making full use of your washing lines this summer.

You can also find more money-saving tips about laundry by clicking here.

Homemade Slushies

My kids absolutely love slushies in the summer but I’m not a fan of the prices that food vendors charge for them. We made our own low-cost slushies at home using ice cubes, squash or fizzy soft drinks. The kids love getting involved in the process of making them too. Here are some fantastic recipes for homemade slushies:

Homemade Cherry Ice Slushie.

Watermelon Slushie.

Soda Pop Slushies.

Tropical Slushies.

Homemade Slushies with Ice-Cream.

You can also make your own alcoholic slushies at home too using flavoured ciders, prosecco, and gin. Here are some recipes for grown-up slushies:

Strawberry Prosecco Slushie.

Raspberry Gin Frozen Cocktail.

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slushie.

Berry Wine Slushies.

White Wine Slushies.

Grow Your Own

If you like to eat a lot of fruit, salads, and veggies in the summer then you cut costs by growing your own at home in the garden. Strawberries and raspberries are super easy fruits to grow as are peas, courgettes, and runner beans. You don’t need to have a green thumb, you simply plant them water them and watch them grow.

Lettuce, spring onions, and herbs can all be grown in pots or tubs and are perfect for making summer salads with.

Sell Stuff

Summer is a great time for having a clear-out and selling your unwanted, unused and unloved items. There are lots of car boot, garage and tabletop sales happening, the warmer weather attracts a multitude of potential customers too.

Be A Local Tourist

Instead of spending a fortune traveling this summer why not explore your local town or surrounding villages instead. There are so many great things to see and do right on your doorstep, it just takes some research. We have found so many hidden gems like parks, museums, and nature reserves over the last few years that we had no clue existed. Lots of local places are free to visit too. Grab a map, a packed lunch, and your camera, and become a tourist in your hometown for the day.

Cool In The Paddling Pool

Take advantage of the warm weather and save money on taking the kids swimming by getting a paddling pool. Paddling pools can be picked up inexpensively from supermarkets, look out for the end of season sales to pick one up at a bargain price for next summer.

Paddling pools are also great for sticking your feet in to cool down. Make yourself a slushie as I’ve suggested above, stick your feet in, close your eyes, and pretend you are somewhere exotic.



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  1. Great list. Summer can be so expensive. All the little extras add up. Cutting back on the electricity is a good idea. Perfect time to do it. Not surprising, I couldn’t agree more with growing your own food. #MMBC

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