5 Things You Might Forget To Budget For

January is the perfect month to reassess and revamp your budget for the year ahead. It’s easy to remember all the basic expenses you need to include in your budget but it’s also really easy to forget things too. I thought I would share with you some of the things I have forgotten to include in past budgets to help you perfect your budget this year.

5 Things You Might Forget To Budget ForĀ 


Annual Fees

Do you have membership fees that auto-renew every year? I find it useful to keep a note in my diary of any renewal dates so I they don’t get overlooked. Making a note of them also gives you the chance to reassess whether you want or need to renew at all.

Budgeting for annual fees is an absolute must in order to avoid any nasty surprise expenses.

Budget For Car Expenses

If you own a car then some unexpected expense is inevitable. Make sure you account for things like an MOT, service, and insurance. I also find it really useful to have a separate savings fund for unexpected repairs and maintenance.

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Don’t forget about those little furry members of the family. Make sure you include things like yearly injections and pet insurance into your budget. It might also be useful to include an emergency fund in your budget for pet care to cover any unexpected expenses throughout the year.

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Budget For Gifts

Make sure to double-check if there any big celebrations coming up. Are there any weddings or births on the horizon? don’t forget to budget for any gifts or expenses that might arise. I’ve found gift giving so much more affordable since I started allocating a budget to it.

Keep a list of all the occasions you have coming up and buy gifts in the sales when you see them.

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Don’t forget about any shows, events or special occasions you might have coming up. I try to plan for entertainment every month. Having a day out as a family or a trip to the cinema can be budgeted for and stops overspending in these areas.



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