How Being Disorganised Can Cost Money

Being disorganised can not only be stressful and frustrating but it can also end up costing you money too. Having your finances in order is really important if you want to save money but what about those unforgotten areas that are often overlooked when it comes to your budget.

I thought I would share a few simple tips on how to get organised and save yourself some money in the process.

How Being Disorganised Can Cost You Money

Buying Duplicates

If you don’t check what you have then you won’t know what you’ve got. This can apply to so many areas of your life. Whether you are buying groceries, tools, clothes or toiletries. If you don’t know what you actually own then there’s a risk of wasting money buying duplicates.

I’ve lost count of the times we have ended up with 3 bottles of sauce or 6 shower gels. All because I didn’t check my stock before making a shopping list. I have even bought a whole new wardrobe of Summer clothes for Daisy before finding a box full of things in storage.

Nowadays I combat this by simply checking what we have before I go shopping. It really is that simple. By taking a few minutes to check you have already can save yourself a ton of money. You could put up a whiteboard in the kitchen to keep a running stock list. A regular stock take can also help with meal planning and save you even more money on your groceries.

Labelling any boxes you have stored can help to remind you what’s inside them too, have a quick check before making any purchases.

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Check That Balance

Have you ever gone to check your bank balance and noticed that you haven’t got as much money in there as you thought you had ? this is definitely something that often happens to me. Often it’s happened because a bill has been more expensive than I’ve anticipated. I recommend going through your bills every single month to check for any changes or extra charges that way there won’t be any nasty surprises. Knowing exactly how much your household bills actually are it so important when it comes to being financially organised.

I recommend you give yourself a financial check-up every six months at least. Keep a spreadsheet of your outgoings and be sure to cancel anything you no longer use too.

Also, check your bank statement regularly for discrepancies, mistakes are often made and you could find yourself out of pocket.

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Missing Deadlines

Missing deadlines for cancelling or renewing services and subscriptions can be quite costly. Signing up to free trials and offers is great but when you forget the deadline for cancelling and end up paying for an extra month then it really defeats the object in my opinion.

Make a note in your diary of cancellation and renewal dates to give yourself a reminder to take action.

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These few tips really are quick and simple to action but can really help to save you lots of money. I suggest making them all part of your monthly routine, being disorganised will soon be a thing of the past.






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