Five Frugal Things For November

I’ve had to dig deep this month to come up with five frugal things for November. This month has been a little on the spendy side. Being a frugal girl at heart it’s still important for me to find even the smallest ways to save money. I like to think that all the savings we make the rest of the year mean we can afford to spend a little more this time of year.

December will be expensive too I’m already planning how to step up the frugality in 2018. I have some big money goals in mind.

Here are my five frugal things for November.

  • I bought some Christmas wrapping paper in the sales last January so I’ve been using that to wrap this years gifts. I’ve also got a stash of reduced Christmas cards for the kids to use to send to their classmates this year too.


  • Before buying the kids new winter clothes I checked what we already had in storage. I found a good stash of warm clothes we were given a few years ago. A lovely friend gave me a winter coat for Jake that will for him next year too.


  • We watched all the neighborhood fireworks for free from the comfort of our bedroom. There are loads of local displays by us too so the sky was very colourful on bonfire night. We have a pretty big bay window in our bedroom which gave us the perfect view from all directions.


  • The weather has been on our side when it comes to trying to save money on our fuel costs. Other than a few freezing days it’s been pretty mild meaning that the thermostat has stayed firmly on zero. I’m not sure how much longer the mild weather will continue as a cold Winter has been forecast.


  • Although November has been a spendy month I’ve still managed to stick within my budgets. I even came home from two events with money left over which I then used to stock up on some extra groceries.

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