Five Frugal Things For October

I don’t feel like I’ve done anything spectacularly frugal in October. It’s just been a pretty normal money-saving month. I’m also posting a little earlier than usual. Daisy is off school for half-term for the next two weeks so we will be busy having fun together.

This month has been so busy which has meant we have had a few frugal fails but that’s okay we will put those behind us and move ahead.

  • We had to turn our heating on yesterday due to having visitors. I’m still counting it as a frugal win that we lasted this far when most other people have already relented. As a rule I don’t like to put it on before November I’m still going to limit use until then. You can read my tips for keeping warm on my Great Heating Debate post.


  • We have been cooking up some delicious filling Autumnal dishes. Saving the leftovers for the following day to stretch our pennies a bit further.


  • We sold some more things from around the house using Gumtree. We also cashed in the spare change tin we had been saving all year. We have put the money towards Christmas savings and paying extra off our credit card debt.


  •  I have been busy making budget friendly plans for the upcoming half-term. We have paint, glue, stickers and activity sheets at the ready. I’ve planned for some friends to come round. We will also meet them at the park as well (weather permitting. The rest of the time we will watch movies and do some baking.


  • My cousin and I used to go to the cinema a lot together. Since the price of tickets become ridiculous we’ve not been able to go as much. Through work she managed to get us a brilliant discount. We paid just £5 for us both so I’m counting that as a frugal win. We watched The Girl On The Train which was absolutely fantastic. As we left I picked up some free activity sheets and posters for the kids too.

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2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things For October

  1. My frugal wins this month include:

    1. Using my slow cooker for some casseroles and stews which is not only a frugal win but a time and effort win 🙂

    2. Having a good sort out and selling my son’s outgrown clothes and toys as well as some things I no longer wear anymore and listing them on eBay. I have made over £50 as a result.

    3. Only put the heating on this week for the first time.

    4. Winning a £20 gift voucher for Amazon which Ive used towards a Christmas present.

    5. Still line drying the washing and continue to do so for as long as possible.

    Love your updates

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