Frugal Spring Cleaning

The last few weeks I’ve been in full on Spring cleaning mode, I’ve got a new daily cleaning schedule in place and everywhere has been decluttered within an inch of it’s life which has meant I can look at each room in the house and list the niggling little jobs that need doing.

I’m working on the bathroom this week and one of the things that drives me nuts in there is the shower caddy, it’s a wall mounted chrome double tier and is constantly rusting up (chrome might look pretty but it’s porous and impractical) , I didn’t want to spend a fortune on cleaning products so did a little research for cheap homemade alternatives.

I made a cleaning paste by mixing  half a lemon and a few tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, I added water until I got a paste consistency.

I used a piece of scrunched up foil on the caddy first to remove and flaking bits of rust then applied the paste generously over both tiers, I left the paste on for twenty minutes.



I wiped the paste off and used a scouring pad to remove what was left and I’m really pleased with the results, apart from a couple of hard to reach nooks it’s worked brilliantly.

Not wanting to waste the other half of the lemon I popped squeezed the juice into a bowl of water and put it into the microwave for ten minutes, the steam makes those stubborn flecks of food lift off really easily and it leaves the kitchen smelling lovely.

Do you have any frugal cleaning tips to share ? I would love to hear them, leave me a comment below.

Angela x


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