Getting The Most Value From Your Coupons

Hi Folks

I’ve really started getting back into couponing again recently, it’s a great way to save money and have a few treats while keeping within a budget.

Couponing is really popular at the moment and shows like Extreme Couponing are probably to thank for that, although we can’t coupon like the Americans we can still make some difference to our shopping bills and have a little fun at the same time.

I love getting the best value from my coupons so I’ve been using mySupermarket to compare the price of the products at the stores where I shop, here are a couple of examples of how I got the best value from the coupons I had.

I had a high value coupon for the Dettol No-Touch Handwash System and I saw they were on offer at Sainsburys for £5 making it just £1 after using my coupon, considering these retail for £11 usually it’s a bargain and a half !

These 1.5 Litre bottles of Comfort are on offer at Asda for £2, I had two 75p coupons making them only £1.25 each, non perishables are great items to stockpile when you have coupons as long as you have plenty of room to store them.

Of course couponing is only going to save you money if you are buying products you would actually use, although if you didn’t want to pass up a great offer you could always donate to a family member or local food bank.

I’ve filmed a short video which explains how I use MySupermarket in a little more detail.

Do you love couponing ? let me know in the comments I would love to hear.



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