How To Celebrate Halloween On A Budget

Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations, I love the atmosphere, the decor and of course all the sweet things. Being on a budget shouldn’t mean you can’t celebrate the occasion. All it takes is some imagination, budgeting skills, bargain hunting, and a spookily savvy mindset.

I thought I would share with you some ideas and tips about how to celebrate Halloween on a budget.

How To Celebrate Halloween On A Budget

hand painted pumpkins and colorful corn

Halloween Costumes

Of course, the most frugal option for a Halloween costume is to make your own. If you are a creative type and handy with a sewing needle then Pinterest is your friend for this challenge. There are thousands of amazing DIY costume ideas for both kids and adults.

child dressed as ghost holding pumpkin candy pail

You might even have things around the house that you can fashion into a costume, the possibilities are endless it just takes a little imagination. Check out the following websites for some inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes.

The Reading Residence Funny and Unusual Kids Costumes for Parties.

Pretty Plain Janes Easy DIY Spider and Spider Webs costumes.

17 Cute and Simple Halloween Costumes for Kids.

The Purple Pumpkin Blog Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

If you would rather buy a costume then start scouting out your local selling pages and Facebook market place a few weeks before Halloween. People will be sorting out last year’s Halloween stash and maybe selling on costumes that no longer fit. Keep a lookout all year round in the charity shops or at car boot sales for cheap costumes or accessories too. The supermarkets heavily discount costumes the day after the celebrations so it might be worth stocking up in larger sizes and storing away until the following year.

Decorating For Halloween 

Decorating the house for Halloween is s much fun, it adds to the spooky effect and really gets you in the mood to celebrate. I like to display a mixture of DIY decorations alongside accessories I’ve picked up from budget retailers like Poundland, Home Bargains or Poundstretcher. Here are some fantastic ideas from other websites about decorating your home for Halloween on a budget.

Mummy and the Chunks Halloween Hama Beads Decorations.

The Gracious Wife Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations.

Meraki Lane DIY Mason Jar Halloween Decorations.

Rainy Day Mum Stamped Pumpkin Happy Halloween Bunting.

Dreaming In DIY The Best Do it Yourself Halloween Decorations.

Again, also check out car boot sales, selling pages and charity shops for Halloween props and decor. You can usually find things year-round when people clear their clutter.

carved pumpkin and white candles

Throw A Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party does not have to be expensive, there are lots of cheap spooky snacks and drinks you can make. You could even ask each of your guests to bring along a terrifying dish or dessert.

Simple games work really well at a Halloween party like apple bobbing and who can wrap the mummy fastest using a cheap roll of toilet paper. The classic pin the tail on the donkey game can be changed to pin the spider on the web for a spooky twist.

kids with sparklers looking at carved pumpkins

Jessica from Beauties And The Bibs searched Pinterest for activities and found a great game idea called unlucky dip, where the children have to touch horrid things with a blindfold on. I love this idea, you could have so much fun with this. Here are some other great budget party ideas for Halloween: 

Living Off Love And Coffee Halloween Party on a Budget.

Design Intuition 5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas.

My Life and Kids 30 Awesome Halloween Games For Kids.

Eats Amazing 30 Healthy Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids.

Cupcake Mumma How To Celebrate Halloween.

Get Crafty

Halloween is a great excuse to get crafty. There are so many frighteningly good things you can make at home to celebrate  In the UK Halloween usually falls in the October half-term so if you are stuck for things to keep the kids entertained and your budget is tight then why not try some of these fun ideas.

My Two Mums Spooky Finger Puppets on a Budget Spooky Finger Puppets on a Budget.

This Mummy Loves Make Your Own Hand Print Spider.

Crafts On Sea 24 Easy and Fun Pumpkin Crafts For Kids.

Thriving Home 31 Easy Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers.

Red Ted Art Paper Halloween Crafts.

Kids Craft Room Halloween Bat Handprint Craft.

DIY Candy 15 Budget Friendly Recycled Halloween Crafts.

craft bats on wooden sticks


If you love carving pumpkins then I highly recommend visiting a pumpkin patch. They are usually free to visit and you can find a good range of prices to suit all budgets. It’s a great family tradition to start and you can take some amazing photos too. Here are some budget-friendly ways to carve your pumpkins and some ideas to use the leftovers:

Playpennies Five Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween.

Everyday Chaos & Calm 9 Pumpkin Sensory Activities.

Eat Drink and Save Money How To Drip Paint Pumpkins.

Southern Living 33 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas.

Learn Play Imagine Pumpkin Slime Recipe.

kids and mom carving pumpkins

I hope this post has given you lots of ideas for celebrating Halloween on a budget. If you have any budget-friendly ideas leave me a comment I love hearing from you.



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  1. Great post! Thanks for including me that was a surprise I’ll have to edit that post now I did t realise how long ago I wrote it! I’m not buying costumes either we’ll use what’s in the drawers!

  2. I’m with you on celebrating on a budget. If we do anything Halloween I will dust down what we have and see what the charity shops have. #TuesdayTreasures

  3. What a great collection of ideas. I love Halloween and am busy getting sorted already! Home Bargains is my favourite shop for picking up lots of Halloween treats. Thank you for including my handprint spider :O)

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