5 Ways To Save Money In Your Home Right Now

This week I thought I would give you five tips that we follow to save money at home. These simple tips might only save you a few pounds but when you are starting on a frugal money-saving journey such small things really do make all the difference.


Ditch The Dryer

This time last year I would not be giving you this piece of advice as I was a tumble dryer addict. I’m more than happy to tell you that I’m not fully recovered, I’m now addicted to weather apps on my phone and obsessive about line drying.

Joking apart, if you have a busy household where the washing basket seems never-ending you can save a ton of money by line drying. Get inventive on a rainy day and use coat hangers and every available hanging space. This also gives you the added bonus of making your home smell lovely and fresh.

Stock Take, Use It Up & Meal Plan

Have a stock take of all the food you have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. You can even extend this to your toiletries and cleaning products, make a list of every single item.

Take a good look at the list and on a separate piece of paper write down any meals you know you can make from everything you already have in. Try to use it all up before buying anything else, again become inventive.

When you have used up all your stock make yourself a weekly meal plan. Buy exactly what you need to avoid waste and lower your costs.

Learn How To Do It Yourself

They say that prevention is better than cure and this is never more true than in your home. The best way to avoid costly repairs is to learn how to do simple repairs yourself.

You can read about how I repaired our hoover instead of replacing it here . I got some great advice from watching YouTube tutorials and searching for a solution online.

Just think of all the extra money you could save by not paying someone else to do it !

Turn It Off !

I’m in a constant battle with my husband about switching things off and not just leaving them on standby. I know it probably only saves pennies but we all know what they make don’t we.

The same applies to lights, if it’s not dark then simply don’t put them on. Switch them off when you leave the room too. Always try to use energy-saving light bulbs too

You could also save money in this area by looking at your TV subscriptions and cutting them if you find you are not watching half the channels you are paying for.

Weather Proof

One of the biggest areas every household can save money on is their energy costs. Making simple changes according to the season can really help.

Get creative in the winter, use tin foil down the back of your radiators, hang a thick curtain over your front door, close all your doors and make your own draught excluders.

In summer instead of using electric fans open all your windows. Make a homemade fan out of card even better get someone to stand and fan you. Keep plenty of ice in the freezer and cool yourself down with a cold drink.

I hope you find some of these tips useful, if you have any tips of your own to share leave me a comment below I would love to hear them.



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