Spring Cleaning Tips For The Home

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Spring is the absolute perfect time to clean your home, to really get into those nooks and crannies that often get forgotten. I like to look for Spring cleaning tips or a spring clean challenge, it’s a great way to get yourself motivated and intentionally set time aside for cleaning. There are benefits to following a spring clean challenge too, not only does it break down the chores into more manageable chunks it also makes it easier for you to create a cleaning schedule for the rest of the year.

The actual process of getting started with your spring clean can feel a little overwhelming so I’ve added 10 cleaning tips for your home, including things that you might not get round to cleaning regularly.

Spring Cleaning Tips 

How To Get Started With Spring Cleaning

The first thing you need to do is set a date to get started, choose a day when you know there isn’t much else going on. It might help to write it in your diary or planner, if you are anything like me then if it’s written down it’s happening.

Make a plan of the areas in your home you want to tackle, ticking off one area at a time can be very satisfying and help to keep you motivated. Plan a schedule according to how much time you have each day.

Get everything you need for cleaning ready before you start, I’m talking about cleaning clothes, detergents, rubbish sacks that sort of thing. Get yourself a bucket and pop everything inside so you can easily carry it from room to room.

Don’t go it alone, ask the rest of the family to help. Kids love being given small fun tasks like dusting or washing up. Everyone who lives in the house should have a part in the spring cleaning.

Now you’re ready to get started here are 10 spring cleaning tips for your home.


Before you embark on any type of deep clean I recommend that you have a declutter. There’s nothing worse than losing motivation because you keep having to move piles of stuff around first. If your household is like mine then clutter can soon become overwhelming. I find that having a big declutter before a spring clean makes the process so much easier.

Replace Your Filters

Don’t forget about the products you have with filters, like vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units, and even your water jugs. Make a note to replace those that can be replaced or deep clean those that are reusable.


Give your windows are really good deep clean, I recommend doing this on a cloudy day as they can dry too fast in the sunshine causing streaks. Don’t forget to give all the sills and frames a wipe down too, they can get really grubby too.

You could also make an investment and buy a steam cleaner that especially designed for windows. Steam cleaning is a fast and chemical-free way to clean windows.

Curtains & Blinds

Curtains and blinds are often neglected when it comes to day-to-day cleaning so you will definitely want to include them. They can hold a huge amount of dust, they get really grubby too and this can affect the light in your rooms too.

Curtains and some fabric blinds can be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine so check the label. I’ve soaked my blinds in warm water in the bath with some dish soap and white vinegar. For blinds that can’t be washed the dust brush on a vacuum cleaner works really well.

window with curtain open a plant on sill

Hard To Reach Areas

Don’t forget about those hard-to-reach areas that very often get overlooked. Some of these areas include:

  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Inside light fixtures
  • Refrigerator coils
  • Behind the toilet
  • Around door frames
  • Inside the washing machine


Dust can gather on the shelves and at the bottom of wardrobes, you can empty them out and give them a good vacuum. You want the place you store your clothes and shoes to be fresh and clean after all.

While your wardrobe is empty you have the perfect opportunity to have a spring clean of your clothes. Bag or box up anything seasonal that you want to store and donate or sell anything you no longer wear.

Shower Head

Showerheads can get clogged up with mineral deposits like limescale, a great way to clean it is by soaking it in distilled white vinegar and hot water. You can do this by putting equal parts of vinegar and hot water in a plastic bag, putting the shower head inside, secure it with an elastic band and leave it to soak for a few hours. Once you’ve done this make sure you run the shower to check all the holes are unclogged.

silver bath mixer taps with shower hose


I can’t believe how much dust, grease, and grime collects in the vents around our home. A good way to clean them is to first use your vacuum hose and nozzle attachment to remove any loose dust, then unscrew any covers and soak them. I usually use dish soap to soak my vent cases in as it works well as a degreaser. Soak them for about 30 minutes and then give them a gentle scrub with a sponge before leaving them to air dry for a few hours.

Coffee Machine

Coffee machines can get clogged up with scale especially if you live in a hard water area. A build-up of scale can affect the efficiency of the machine and the taste of the coffee. You should descale your coffee machine by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Don’t forget about cleaning the accessories that come with coffee pod machines too, like the drip tray and water tank.

white coffee mug filling with coffee and steam


Baseboards are like magnets for dust and they often get overlooked because they are bot at eye level. A spray bottle with warm water works well so there’s no need for chemicals. Once you have sprayed the baseboards you can use a sponge or a magic eraser to get rid of those scuff marks and stubborn marks. Once your baseboards are dry you could wipe them over with a dryer sheet, they help to repel dirt and static leaving your baseboards nice and clean.

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  1. Great tips. Having it as a list is a good approach. I definitely have areas that need to be decluttered, before I start. I’ve found having all the cleaning materials in a basket has been a game changer for me. I’m too easily distracted if I need to go off and find the right tool or cleaning liquid. #MMBC

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