Goals For February {2019}

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It’s that time of again where I get out my planners and make some goals for the month ahead, although I can’t believe it’s February already! Chris and I already sat down over the weekend and planned the weekends, doing this means that we always have something to look forward to and make the most of the time.

We didn’t quite manage to meet all of last month’s home goals, work and play got in the way so I’m going to be adding them again this month. I’m hoping that February will be a drier month than January, I really want to get out in the garden and tidy up in time for Spring. I also want to try to make and save as much money as we can, we all need summer holiday clothes and a new suitcase so any extra money will be going towards that.

Family, Frugal & Home Goals For February


  • Go to the cinema
  • Visit one new local forest or park
  • Go to an exhibition or museum
  • Celebrate Valentine’s day together
  • Go swimming
  • Have a crafting afternoon together
  • Do some puzzles


  • Look for new suppliers for renewals coming up
  • Find some free activities and events for the February half-term
  • List some things for sale on the Facebook marketplace and eBay.
  • Check survey sites daily
  • Have 5 no spend days
  • Check the charity shops for summer clothes and holiday accessories
  • Use discount codes, coupons and cashback sites for all purchases
  • Keep uploading receipts to the Shoppix app (we can both earn an extra 200 tokens if you use my referral code 5LMGDT9M when signing up for Shoppix)


  • Tidy the gardens, dig up dead plants, sweep up leaves
  • Deep clean the upstairs bathroom
  • Declutter our bedroom
  • Clean window sills and frames
  • Organise our wardrobes and drawers
  • Take donations to the charity shops and rubbish to the tip.
  • Deep clean the oven




10 thoughts on “Goals For February {2019}

  1. I love the idea of creating goals under these three separate headings, it does really make you stop and plan then. I create a task list in my bujo at the start of every month, but not focused around the different themes, I do like this idea. Best of luck with your goals! x

  2. your breakdown is really practical and will help you achieve them – like your list of activities, spending goals, things to accomplish – good luck with 2019 goals! #MMBC

  3. Your goals seem practical and achievable. Good luck with your goals. Hopefully the weather will make it easier to get out and about and tick some of the things off your list. #mmbc

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