How To Choose Your Next Family Car

Having a car when you have kids is essential. You will need to take them to parties, training, school, and a reliable vehicle that will help you out. However, if your old car is no longer serving your needs, and you need more space or comfort, you might be thinking about saying goodbye and getting new wheels. If you are set out to replace your vehicle, read the below tips on choosing your next family car.

How To Choose Your Next Family Car

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Connected Technology

As your kids get older, they will want internet, screens, and the ability to stream music to the car’s audio system. If you drive around with kids at the back a lot, you might want to get a DVD player or a console on the back of the front seats that will keep them quiet and entertained on long journeys, so you can focus on the traffic ahead and around you, instead of dealing with the drama in the passenger cabin.

Running Costs

You will also have to consider the running costs of the car. Check the cost of fuel, consumption, the insurance rates, and the tax, so you can make sure you can afford driving the new vehicle. Check out to find the price of cover for your selected car before you decide that you put down the deposit or part your hard earned cash. Read reviews on the common issues and official ratings on the fuel economy on highways and in city traffic.  

Safety Ratings

As a parent, your main priority is your kids’ safety. Make sure that you get all the advanced features you would like to see in your new car without having to pay a premium. All cars come with airbags, child lock, and seat belts, but you might want more than the basics. You can get advanced safety features, such as traction control, advanced ABS, and different driving modes that will make it easier for you to keep the little ones safe.  

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Depreciation Value

You might also be looking at buying a new car as an investment. If you lose 40 percent of the money you paid in just one year, you are not getting a good value for your money. Before you invest in a new vehicle, check out the comparison table for cars’ depreciation value so you can determine what your car will be worth in 2-5 years’ time when you are ready to change it again.

Driver Assistance Features

When hitting the road with kids, you will have to face loads of distractions and it will be challenging to stay fully focused on the road. Get help from your car by getting a 360-degree backup camera, autonomous braking, lane keeping assistance, and a pre-collision warning system. React to situations faster and keep your kids safe on long and tiring journeys.

Changing your family car to suit your needs better is a decision not to be taken lightly. Pay attention to the running costs, the safety features, and the future value, and you can make the most out of your new wheels.

What To Do With Your Old Car

Once you have decided on a new car there’s always the question of what to do with your old one. You could part exchange it with the dealership or you could sell it privately using something like the Sell My Car service from Gumtree.


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