How To Stick To A Shoestring Budget When The Holidays Are Approaching

You know that as soon as October arrives is time to start thinking about fun festivities such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course, Christmas. When you’re working with a small budget it can seem very overwhelming at this time of year; you don’t want your kids to be missing out on anything, but you can’t always afford to splash out on the latest decorations and toys.

Whether you’re trying to celebrate Halloween on a budget or discover the cheapest gifts to buy, don’t worry any longer because it can be done. You no longer have to deal with that anxious feeling of spending too much money at this time of year. All you need to do is get prepared ahead of time so that you can enjoy the fond memories and festivities with your beautiful family.

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Only Spend What You Can Afford

It is very important that you are realistic with yourself when it comes to buy gifts for the holidays. Have a clear budget in mind and don’t overspend; you know how difficult it can be when paying off credit cards, so always stick to what you can afford. Try not to get into any crazy debt when buying presents or decorations, because you will be left to pay it off when all the fun is over.

Be Prepared

You find yourself in the same situation every single year, so why not be more prepared this time round? Get organised months in advance and you will be able to spread the costs over the year. Imagine sorting out your Christmas shopping before October even hits us; you would feel so on top of the preparations and you wouldn’t need to worry about overspending in the imminent months. The more organised you can be, the less you will worry about the budget!

Happily Homemade

Remember, you could cut a lot of costs by adopting a more rustic and hands on approach to your wedding. You could create homemade cards, decorations or even presents without having to splash out on lavish investments that you can’t really afford. Head to your local craft store and stock up on coloured paper, glitter and other decorative items you might need for the upcoming holidays. Get creative and you won’t need to panic about breaking the bank.

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It’s All About The Memories

Try not to focus on the materialistic elements of the holidays; you should be more concerned about making fond memories with your family, rather than exchanging lavish gifts and throwing expensive parties. You will treasure the memories about the simple things in your life such as bobbing for apples or stringing lights around the Christmas tree. These precious moments are totally free, but will last a lifetime.

So you don’t need to panic any longer about managing your budget during this time of year. Before you know it Christmas will have crept up on you and all the madness will be over. Simply enjoy this time of year with your family instead of worrying about presents and parties; as long as everybody has a happy smile on their face, that’s truly all that matters.

Disclosure:This is a collaborative post.

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