How We Are Celebrating Valentines 2016 On A Budget

I know that celebrating Valentines day isn’t for everyone but I love little occasions like these throughout the year, they keep life interesting and fun and you don’t need to break the bank to celebrate either.

I love to include the little ones in the celebration, it’s a great opportunity to have conversations about love and relationships, we usually do a craft activity and bake something valentines related as well.

Here’s what we have planned for Valentines day 2016.

The Little Ones

I like to buy the little ones a Valentines gift so I gave myself a budget of £5 each, I came in under budget by picking up these lovely things from Home Bargains.

IMG_8603[1] IMG_8602[1]

These gorgeous cuddly monkeys have velcro feet and hands so the little ones will be able to wear them or hang them in their bedrooms, they are a really good size and a bargain at £2.99 each.


In our house a celebration isn’t complete without a little chocolate, these cute little lady bugs and hearts were 99p each.

Valentines Meal

We were thinking of using £10 from our budget to treat ourselves to one of the ‘dine in’ special offers that the supermarkets usually offer this time of year, but we have some delicious steaks in the freezer from our bulk meat order, FrugalMrW will make some homemade chips, fried mushrooms and vine tomatoes to go with it and we will treat ourselves to a decadent dessert as part of our shopping budget.


We will spend Valentines day as a family, playing games, decorating love hearts with glitter and sequins and snuggling up on the sofa watching Disney movies, when the little ones go to bed FrugalMrW and I will choose a slushy romantic comedy to watch on Netflix.


This year FrugalMrW and I have agreed on a £5 budget to buy each other something, I’ve asked him to spend mine on flowers which he will buy early in the week to avoid the inflated prices and I will buy him chocolate which he loves just a smidgen less than he loves me.

I also picked up this adorable frame for 99p from Home Bargains, I have some free credit in my SnapFish account so I will order a photo of us and display it on our bedside cabinet.


I will always think that spending time with someone and not money on them is what truly counts in life but it is nice to treat each other a little as well.

What are your plans for valentines day ? will you be sticking to a budget ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.


Angela xx

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  1. Amanda
    February 8th 2016 / 4:18 PM

    Love this post! Last night I was only talking to the boyf about having a mucho cheapo Valentines and as it falls on a Sunday this year, we have decided to cook and host a family Sunday lunch with a Valentines slant on it and I will make a dessert.

    On another note, I love how you and your hubby list your financial goals for the months so the boyf and I are trying this out.
    We sat at the kitchen table last night and listed everything we need to do. The list was quite long but I have printed it out and popped it on the cupboard door.
    There’s something so satisfying in giving a job a great big tick! 🙂


    • Christopher Webster
      February 8th 2016 / 5:37 PM

      How receptive was your boyfriend? it took me a while to get into

    • FrugalMrW
      February 8th 2016 / 5:41 PM

      I must admit it took some arm twisting to get me to sit down every month and go through everything, but now I look forward to our “monthly meetings” 🙂

      Good luck with your list!

      • Amanda
        February 8th 2016 / 8:45 PM

        hahaha that made me laugh as the boyf was exactly the same! Everytime I suggested it, he would pull a ‘face’ but when I eventually bullied him into doing it he was really productive and actually said “this is good, I’m liking this”! 🙂

    • February 8th 2016 / 5:55 PM

      Your plans for Sunday sound lovely, I’m rubbish at desserts hence why we are buying 🙂

      Since we started having ‘monthly meetings’ we have been so much more productive, hope you get to tick things off soon.

  2. Blackpepper1
    February 16th 2016 / 4:33 PM

    Good post. We got the £20 Waitrose Dine in Meal deal which was delicious. Three courses plus two side dishes plus a decent red wine. The wine alone was worth £9.99 and the Sirloin Steak would have been £8.99 so it was a really good bargain. It tasted just like a restaurant meal too very high quality so I was highly impressed. Worth checking out next time Waitrose are doing a Dine In Meal Deal.

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