Loved Ones Live Abroad? Top Tips For Posting Presents This Christmas

Buying the perfect presents for loved ones at Christmas is no mean feat. But throw in the added complication that your relatives live in a different country and you’ve got a whole other level of present panic. But have no fear, here are some top tips for posting your presents abroad this Christmas.

Stinge on Size

Remember: size isn’t everything! If you need to post-Christmas prezzies abroad but don’t want to break the bank, opt for lighter and smaller gifts as they will cost significantly less to deliver. That way, you can use your cash towards the actual gift, not the postage! There are loads of options, for a woman why not gift some jazzy jewellery – you can’t go wrong with a simple necklace or stud earrings. For a man, opt for miniature set of smellies like shower gels. Small and simple but sure to please.

Avoid The ‘Fragile Fear’

If your gift has a long journey ahead of it, avoid items that are particularly fragile and easy to break. There’s nothing worse than opening a thoughtful gift on Christmas morning only to find that it is broken! Stay away from anything made of glass, such as bottles, candle holders or ornaments. Instead, go for invincible items such as indulgent chocolates and sweets. Let’s be honest, even if our chocolate is a bit cracked – it won’t stop us devouring every last mouthful!

Opt For A Quality Delivery Service

Whether your posting to France, Germany, Australia or Iceland, choosing a good quality delivery company will reassure you that your present is in capable hands. Opt for a company which offers free parcel tracking, so you can keep track of your item from your door to theirs. You will know exactly when the present arrives, so no more pre-Christmas panic that it hasn’t arrived in time! It is also worth taking out cover for your parcel, particularly if the contents are valuable, so you can claim compensation if it is lost or stolen. Many postage companies offer comprehensive cover which allow you to protect your item for thousands of pounds, giving you extra piece of mind.

Ensure Your Items Aren’t Prohibited or Restricted

There are some items which you cannot post abroad, so it’s important to know what these are before you purchase. These are much more common than you might realise – alcohol greater than 24% ABV, deodorants and body sprays, electronic items with lithium-ion batteries, perfumes and nail varnishes (to name a few!). It is important to get a full list of these items beforehand to ensure that your items are good to go!

Follow these simple steps to ensure your gifts arrive seamlessly overseas this Christmas.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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