Planning A Ferry Trip To The Netherlands

Last year, we were lucky enough to travel to Jersey on a ferry. It was an experience that we all enjoyed. Getting on a ferry made the holiday feel more like an adventure. It also meant that when we got to the other end we already had a car, which saved us a lot of time, money, stress and hassle. So, we’ve been looking into other holiday destinations we can get to using ferries, including the Netherlands.

The Relevant Insurance

We already have travel insurance that covers Europe, including healthcare. To take the car, you only need a green card to be covered by insurance. Plus, our policy already includes European breakdown insurance. So, those two expenses are already covered.

Ferry Options

From the UK, there are 3 routes that take you to the Netherlands, Hull to Rotherham, Harwich to Hook of Holland and Newcastle to Amsterdam. In the summer, there are 28 sailings each week. But, a lot of people prefer to take the Dover to Dunkirk ferry and drive into the Netherlands.

Which option is right for you depends on where you live, in the UK and what part of the country you are travelling to. There are plenty of online ferry ticket price comparison sites you can use to determine which company and route provide you with the best value for money.


In Holland there are lots of accommodation options. Everything from pre-erected tents to five-star hotels, so finding something that is suitable for you and your family is easy. Generally speaking, the most affordable option is camping. But, Dutch campsites get very busy during the summer months, so be sure to book well in advance.

Family-Friendly Dutch Destinations

The Netherlands is a very family-orientated place. Pretty much wherever you go there will be plenty for your children to do and see. Here are a few suggestions.


This theme park is the ultimate miniature village. The detail is amazing. You will probably find that it inspires you to take the time to visit some of the places you see portrayed in miniature during your visit to Madurodam.


This is a charming Dutch town that is best known for its blue and white pottery. If you want to wear the kids out let them climb the 376 steps to the top of the Niewe Kerk (New Church).


No trip to the Netherlands is complete without spending a day or two in Amsterdam. A canal trip is fun and the perfect way to see a significant percentage of the city. The canal pizza tour is particularly popular with families. A stroll through Vondelpark is a nice way to pass a couple of hours. If your kids like animals, consider visiting the Artis Zoo.

Take Your Bikes

If you like cycling, be sure to buy a bike rack and take your bikes. The Netherlands is a very bike-friendly place. The countryside is very flat and there are cycling lanes everywhere. Make sure that your travel insurance covers this activity. Also, find out how many bikes you can take onto the ferry. If some of the bikes have to go on the roof pay particular attention to any height restrictions when booking your ticket.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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