Our Home Improvement Plans For 2019

This summer we will have lived in our house for seven years, those years have been spent raising our family leaving little time or attention for home improvement. Over the years we have had an ongoing list of home improvement plans and this year we intend to tick some things off that list. We have a family holiday coming up soon but once that’s over it will be full steam ahead. We make a list of goals every month of things we want to achieve in our home but we also have a master list too. I thought I would share with you some of the home improvement plans we have for the remainder of 2019.

Our Home Improvement Plans For 2019

Back Room

We have a room at the back of the house that I’m really not sure how to describe, it would have been a bricked up building but the previous owners installed glass sliding doors. The room is draughty and not much use for anything but storing things in. We plan to have it bricked back up and install sash windows instead of sliding doors.

I still want to use the room for storage and plan to install some garage shelving units. There will also be plenty of room for a large chest freezer so I can stockpile lots more family meals.


Although we don’t need to replace the bath, basin or toilets both bathrooms are in need of a revamp. They need a fresh lick of paint and new flooring. I want to improve both these rooms on a budget so I plan to use the same colour paint and flooring in each. I’ve also been picking up accessories from discount retailers and second-hand websites.

I think by making some simple improvements the bathrooms will look ten times better than they do at the moment.

green bathroom towels in a white stool


Our kitchen is another room that will only need slight improvements. The units, worktops, and cupboards are all in really good condition but the walls and skirting boards are in need of a fresh coat of paint. Once the painting has been done I plan to have the oven professionally cleaned and a custom blind made for the window. We might replace the flooring but I want to save up so we can afford to buy some good quality stone tiles.

I’m also going to looking for a new kitchen table and chairs, I want to replace ours with something a little larger. I plan to look at sales or even purchase a second hand one to get the best value for my money.


We really struggle when it comes to storage in our house. We have a few built-in cupboards but at the moment we don’t make full use of the space. I’ve been looking at lots of organising solutions on Pinterest and pricing up shelving. Once we have added shelving inside the cupboards I want to move onto installing some bookshelves in the living room too. I really want to maximize the space in our home to make it really work for us.

shelf with flowers and plants on

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